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Letter: Health care legislation has too many weaknesses

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Posted: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 12:00 am

Based on what we know now about the problems inherent with the Affordable Care Act, if it was brought to a vote today, do you think Americans would still be in favor of it becoming law?

Since the information given when it was originally offered to the public has proven to be fabrications and its implementation so unwieldy, chances for passage would be unlikely. Claims made of reduced costs, access to your own doctor and accessibility have proven to be overstated. To argue that “health care” is a law is to forget that it’s already been altered a dozen times since ratification.

Now, if this observation is wrong and the Democrats still feel it is a viable program, the solution to the budget hang-up is simple: Pass that part of the budget that both parties agree to, and create a separate resolution for necessary funds to keep “Obamacare” alive.

From all we are hearing, this is not possible. The bill became law during the president’s first term, when he enjoyed a comfortable majority of the voters. The voters displayed their confidence in him and wanted “Obamacare” to succeed.

Now the tide has changed. We’ve witnessed unprecedented weaknesses of the health legislation, and lack of candor from the White House concerning ongoing scandals such as Benghazi, IRS, guns across the border and their initial decision to withhold benefits from the families of our military killed in action. President Obama is no longer looked upon as a forceful and brilliant leader, but as a “lead from behind” neophyte.

According to today’s ABC poll, the president’s approval rating is 37 percent. It was his 60-percent approval figure that got him elected, now a far cry from where it was. With loss of confidence goes the loss of voter approval.

With this all in mind, one wonders, how does the media have the audacity to attempt to lay blame on the Republican Party for the shutdown? Such dishonesty discredits their hardand well-earned reputation. The public has grown tired of the empty promises and posturing rhetoric, and is ready for change steeped in honesty, concern and courage.

And a final thought is the upcoming 2014 elections. If the liberals don’t win the existing battle, their chances of losing more ground are compounded. The shutdown is a must-win situation for the president and his party.

Richard Viall


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  • Andrew Liebich posted at 7:01 am on Sat, Oct 26, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Reuters recently reported that 700,000 Americans had applied for health insurance through Obamacare websites, including Healthcare.gov. 

    Seriously? Everybody knows the Healthcare.gov website barely even functions. Some of the state exchanges are working, but participation in those has been dismal. Where is the 700,000 figure coming from?

    Reuters has since pulled the story from from its health news section and buried it. The story has also been modified and now includes this little gem of an explanation:

    "Completed applications mean that the applicants received a determination about whether they are eligible for tax credits... Applicants have not necessarily chosen a plan." 

    ROFLMAO! Hilarious. 

    So, according to the Obama administration, a person who has "applied" for health care includes people who haven't really applied for health care. This 700,000 number is probably just the number of people who have registered their email addresses on government exchange websites.

    The truth is only brainwashed Obama supporters are even attempting to sign up for health care under Healthcare.gov. Anybody else who has been paying attention knows that any information you hand over to HHS goes right to the NSA as was revealed during recent congressional testimony.

    The Healthcare.gov website contains a hidden disclaimer which reads, "You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transmitting or stored on this information system."

    This is an open admission that the site intends to share your data with other government entities. It also means the entire website violates federal law because it does not comply with HIPAA regulations for medical privacy. 

    But if you want to know just how much of a total joke Healthcare.gov really is, check out the Javascript file found here.


    This file contains "dummy data" that includes names like "Han Solo," "Chewbacca" and "Leia Organa" (Princess Leia from Star Wars). This is what over $600 million buys you under Obama's leadership: fantasy characters and Javascript gobbledygook.

    The ratio of people losing health insurance vs. those buying it through Obamacare is currently running about 10 to 1. But the White House, totally lost in delusional la-la land, is implying that 700,000 people have purchased insurance while nobody has lost insurance. 

    Welcome to planet Pop-Tart.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 8:03 pm on Fri, Oct 25, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Do you have current coverage under your employer, Mr. Dockter? If so, have your rates gone up unreasonably?

    If the Clockmaster doesn't provide coverage, why not?

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 8:01 pm on Fri, Oct 25, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Smart people are signing up.

    Think better, next time, Mr. Dockter.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 7:59 pm on Fri, Oct 25, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488


  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:30 am on Fri, Oct 25, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2865

    Before Obamacare many of us couldn't afford health insurance,

    After Obamacare many of us can't afford insurance even more because Obama didn't want us to know the truth was going to be our rates would go up. And now the IRS is going to fine many of us for being unable to afford it as if it is our fault and we should be punished. Go figure.

  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:26 pm on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2865

    There is a high probability ones rates will go up if one signs up for Obamacare.
    Now, I don't think this takes a a very smart person to figure out why hardly anyone wants to sign up.

  • Brian Dockter posted at 8:16 pm on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2865

    What I find most interesting is those who are proponents of Obamacare also seem to be proponents of the rate increases occuring all over the country. These aren't just isolated incidents . One would think they would be just as furious because they are probably getting rate increases too. But their loyalty to stand and support Obama no matter what has blinded their ability to think rationally . Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • John Kindseth posted at 6:03 pm on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    John Kindseth Posts: 245

    Joanne......are you officially signed up ??? yes or no ????

  • John Lucas posted at 4:12 pm on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    You might look at other countries and see the positive benefits universal coverage brings. We pay more of our GDP for healthcare and more per person than any country in the world by a log shot. You might try getting out of your idealogical cocoon and try letting facts enter your mind.

    What real makes me angry about right wing people such as you is your sense of victimhood. Your whining gets a little old.

    I have worked very hard all my life and for you to make assumptions otherwise just shows your ignorance. It is just like the rest of your post. No facts, just opinion and whining.

  • Robert Marty posted at 12:00 pm on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    rmartygeo Posts: 32

    Lucas, as usual, you are plain wrong. Nearly every government program swims in mediocrity -- as too will Obamacare. Personally, my rates are going up 28 percent...thanks Barry.

    Your assumption that everyone will (or even wants) to get "preventative" care is ridiculous. Obamacare will not change any of those behaviors.

    Social security -- another mediocre program -- is exactly what I'm talking about. Retirement and Health Care are a matter of personal responsibility --- it should not be considered a "right". Individuals and families are responsible, not the government. It's only because of myopic people (not thinking of their own future) as yourself do these stupid programs exist. That and government loves control...

    I gotta get back to work and contribute to the economy so our government can pay for more handouts to people like you.


  • Joanne Bobin posted at 11:30 am on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    "It failed because responsibility and authority for its undertaking was handed to someone who had no business being involved in the first place: the President’s wife."

    And the ugly head of misogyny rears itself once again.

    "had no business?" This was the First Lady of the United States. How many highly educated - Yale University educated lawyers have we had as First Ladies prior to Hillary Clinton? She certainly had the education and capability to organize the effort for reforming our healthcare system.

    I know it is difficult to get a grasp on the fact that Hillary Clinton just did not want to be known for buying new china for the White House (RED) during a nationwide depression, for starting the RED Ribbon campaign or for simply wearing RED.

    What First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt (civil rights) desired to make a huge impact on an area of national crisis?

    Let's see - we had a couple of Bush ladies who focused on education and literacy. Oh, to Barb's credit, she did focus on AIDS and helped the First Dog write a book. We had a Kennedy who promoted fashion and White House restoration/redecoration. And let's not forget the great Betty Ford who pretty much had to focus on the train wreck that was her personal life.

    And now we have another highly educated First Lady whose priorities include childhood obesity - changing our attitudes toward the food we eat and getting proper exercise and, in combination with the Second Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, helping the families of our service members. Both women and all of these activities have been roundly criticized and ridiculed by those on the right. What right does Michelle Obama have to tell US how and what to eat?

    "Virtually everything the government gets involved with either fails or becomes an albatross."

    Odd comment coming from an individual who has stated repeatedly in this forum that he credits not one, but TWO GOVERNMENT programs, for saving his life (his words).

    Gee, that VA healthcare system certainly is an albatross, as is our system of SS Disability (actually - the NEW welfare according to analysts).

    Actually, the metaphor "albatross" is not a PHYSICAL metaphor that denotes an actual THING , but a PSYCHOLOGICAL metaphor denoting a burden, deriving from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" in which the mariner kills an albatross (a sign of GOOD LUCK for mariners) and thus a curse falls on him and his crew mates. The crew forces him to wear the albatross around his neck (source of the metaphoric psychological "burden" used today). Subsequently, as the only surviving crew member, the mariner is doomed to wander the earth, telling his story and teaching a lesson to those he meets.

    All the literary history you really wanted to know, eh?

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 10:20 am on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    You do realize that the 19th quarter ended 24 days ago, right?

    As they say - "What a difference a day (or 24) makes.

  • John Lucas posted at 9:04 am on Thu, Oct 24, 2013.

    John Lucas Posts: 2730

    Jerome said:

    Virtually everything the government gets involved with either fails or becomes an albatross

    What a bunch of hooey. Tell that to the millions of people who if it was not for Social Security would be living in abject poverty. Tell that to the millions of elderly whose would be dead or be in untold suffering if it was not for Medicare.

    Obamacare is going to work. It is going to dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare. When everyone can see a doctor and get preventive care the total cost of healthcare plummets. This has been proven in every other country where it is tried. The American system before Obamacare cost more totally and individually than any other country on earth while leaving millions to suffer, die and go bankrupt needlessly. Only a person who enjoys watching the suffering of others could defend the system Obamacare replaces. Certainly no Christian could.

    Jerome, the American people are not believing these right wing bromides anymore.

  • Charles Nelson posted at 8:51 pm on Wed, Oct 23, 2013.

    Charles Nelson Posts: 259


  • Jerome Kinderman posted at 3:39 pm on Wed, Oct 23, 2013.

    Jerome R Kinderman Posts: 2370

    The Clintons hardly “almost got it done.” It failed because responsibility and authority for its undertaking was handed to someone who had no business being involved in the first place: the President’s wife. It was nothing more than a colossal joke - I remember Bill Clinton standing before Congress holding a mock-up of the membership card. I recall laughing out loud at that.

    But this so-called “Obamacare” is not at all funny; it’s not a joke. It IS serious and it must be reversed or at least stopped in its tracks and attempted to be fixed (the former being preferential). Virtually everything the government gets involved with either fails or becomes an albatross. When will We the People ever learn this valuable lesson? I just hope it’s not too late.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 2:18 pm on Wed, Oct 23, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    This letter reads like a transcript of the Sean Hannity "program" and other FOX News talking points from their other "talking heads."

    According to Rasmussen, President Obama's approval rating TODAY, 10/23/2013 is 52%. According to their daily tracking over the past 5 years, his approval rating was highest at the beginning of 2009 at 65% and has mostly hovered around 50% (over/under a few points) since then.


    GW Bush's final approval rating when he left office was 25%.

    According to an interview on NPR yesterday, Steve Beshear, the governor of Kentucky (Democrat), a state that has adopted both the Medicaid expansion and has set up its own healthcare exchange website despite opposition from its two Republican/TEA Party senators, Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, Kentucky citizens are enrolling in the ACA at a rate of 1000 per day since October 1.

    The majority of states that have rejected the Medicaid expansion and thus have not set up their own exchange websites like Kentucky and California are RED STATES (Southern states) that have the worst records for healthcare in the nation.

    Citizens in these states are therefore forced to use the federal government's site, "healthcare.gov" that has experienced multiple glitches and an overload of users which, with time, will be sorted out.

    It seems that Republican governors and Republicans in general are cutting off the noses of their states' citizens out of spite and hatred for President Obama and healthcare reform - period.

    I wonder if they are telling their constituents that the citizens of these states will be paying through the nose for emergency room care for those who are unable to get onto the Medicaid roles and/or enroll in the ACA?

    Which would you, as a taxpayer, rather pay for - Exorbitant emergency room rates, or subsidized, affordable healthcare? OR have your fellow citizens lose their homes and/or life savings due to medical expense? I can hear the answers from the right already, just as they shouted out at the FOX News debate in 2012 -

    "Let them die!"

  • Eric Barrow posted at 12:02 pm on Wed, Oct 23, 2013.

    Eric Barrow Posts: 1602

    What Richard and others on the right fail to grasp is that the Affordable Care Act has been 50 years in the making. The Clintons almost got it done but in the end failed. Elections have consequences and the country suffered greatly from the failed policies of the Bush Cheney era but if we can take away a positive from that administration it would be that it set the stage for Obamacare. Maybe the right should think about that before they elect anymore reckless renegades to office, think Cruz.


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