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Beware, a new tyrant may be on the horizon

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Posted: Monday, May 14, 2012 12:00 am

Mitt Romney claims he was successful in business and created thousands of jobs. In reality, he was a mere loan shark.

When Mitt and Bain Capital bought lucrative companies, the first to go were good-paying jobs — replaced with wage-slave jobs. One can excuse these executives for their greed, as today this is the corporate role model while the U.S. enters the dark ages.

Our stomachs, however, must turn at this hypocrite for the callus remarks he made after the Afghan carnage. His words must never be forgotten or forgiven. Sergeant Bales went on a killing spree, murdering many families as they slept in their homes. Obama, to his credit, apologized to the Afghan people. This was the proper protocol even though the apology in and of itself was phony. Romney immediately criticized Obama, stating that "America need not apologize for anything" because America is the greatest nation on earth. First and foremost this nation was the land of opportunity, and for some time we've had freedoms and liberties but let's not get stupid — we're not that great, and we have a lot to apologize for.

Romney, leave your bourgeois comfort zone — go to the black community and repeat your phrase. Our own Constitution legally enslaved the blacks and classified them as 3/5ths of a person. Visit a reservation and repeat this mantra again to the Native Americans. White America depopulated 2/3rds of them in the most grizzly manner. Do the same with the Chinese and other ethnicities who were treated less than human in our not-so-very-distant past. Last but not least, continue with your elitist patriotism to the Japanese, whom our government placed in internment camps.

Oh Mr. Romney, do go to New Orleans and tell the Katrina victims how great we are. Your friends George W. Bush and FEMA were so insensitive and incompetent that they didn't even pick up the dead from the streets, but left them were they laid, bloating for weeks for the entire world to see — shame.

If Mitt Romney is elected, with the way he thinks, the ramifications are going to be horrifying. Few will prosper, many will not. Be not fooled by his angelic appearance, as beneath his skin there may lie a demon.

Adam Dados


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