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Democrats are as patriotic as anyone

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Posted: Monday, November 1, 2010 12:00 am

Mr. Esparza's letter in Lodi News-Sentinel (Oct. 27) did not shine kindly on Democrats.

Through my letter here, I'd like to ask Mr. Esparza if he gets paid a fair wage (nothing less than the federal minimum) and receives overtime pay when earned?

Has he or anyone in his family ever received Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid? Has he or anyone in his family taken time off work due to a serious illness, accident or birth of a child?

Does he and everyone in his family work in a clean, safe workplace? Does he and his family enjoy breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating safe food, and using safe toiletries, cosmetics, children's clothing and toys?

Is his money safe in his bank because of FDIC?

Was he, his parents or grandparents helped by the GI Bill that granted veterans loans to pursue higher education and purchase homes?

As a veteran, I hope he gets to take advantage of the much-needed funding that President Obama signed into law last year under the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act. (Which is still not adequate, by any stretch.)

Did he or a family member ever have the need to receive unemployment insurance benefits, extended or otherwise?

If Mr. Esparza answers "yes" to any of the above questions, he can thank a Democrat.

I am not saying other parties haven't done anything to bring forth good things for Americans (and what I've cited here is just a small sample), but if Mr. Esparza would be so kind as to enlighten me to what they might be, I would like very much to see them here.

One last thing, Mr. Esparza, in response to your statement that "they (Democrats) hate war." I would think that anyone in their right mind would "hate war." I think the Iraq "war" was based on lies from the beginning, as most of them are. And do you have an example where Democrats have shown "disrespect" for generals and fallen soldiers?

Just saying you "love your country" doesn't mean Democrats aren't just as patriotic as you.

Marcia Savage


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