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Letter: We should be considerate and obey the rules of the road when we drive

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Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2014 12:00 am

I want to direct this letter to all of the inconsiderate drivers in Lodi — and they know who they are. You are the ones who don’t use your signal when turning onto another street or when you make unsafe lane changes.

This is also directed to those of you who put your signal on just as you are about to turn, instead of turning it on 500 feet before you turn as instructed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Of course, we also must mention those of you who don’t know what a STOP sign means as you roll through it. And there are those people who come up behind you when you have your backup lights on and are trying to pull out of a parking space and they are too impatient to wait for you so they drive right behind you — nearly causing an accident.

Finally, we can’t leave out the people who drive with one headlight burned out, and the people who, when it is raining, do not turn on their headlights when their wipers are on. This is a state law!

People, please, what has happened to our consideration for others? Do you appreciate it when someone uses their turn signal? Then you should be using yours. It’s called common courtesy, and it’s something we don’t see anymore.

My car has been in the repair shop three times in the last two months, and I’m tired of it. Can we please start paying attention when we get behind the wheel, and watch out for each other?

Betty Peters


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