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Obama doesn't share wealth

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Posted: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:00 am

Well, the Democrats are ready to ram another huge bill through. So much for the transparency and bipartisanship that President Obama promised.

Oh, yes, we were supposed to see the bill for 72 hours before a vote. This Senate bill that hadn't even been written, originally over 2,000 pages and now another 500 pages (probably all the bribes and goodies handed out to recalcitrant senators). Only Harry Reid knows what is in the bill.

The Democrats own the health care bill and the budget bill (increasing spending by 12 percent over last year adding over a trillion dollars to the federal deficit) lock, stock and barrel. No more blaming George Bush. This totalitarian administration has shown utter contempt for the people when they arrogantly shove legislation down our throats that over 60 percent of us oppose.

What kind of people have we elected to Congress who are supposed to represent the people but vote blindly for huge bills of great consequence without demanding a chance to read and study the bill before voting? They should all be voted out next November.

Obama's Jobs Summit was a bad joke. If you want to create jobs, you don't exclude the Chamber of Commerce and groups that represent small business. Andy Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union (who made 22 trips to the White House) was there. We need to read the health care bill to see if doctors and nurses will be forced into the SEIU. This is payback for the millions the SEIU put into Obama's campaign.

This administration is the most economically illiterate in history. Only about 10 percent have had any business experience. They are mostly lawyers, academics and ideologues with their heads in the clouds. Their first action should be to take a course in Economics 101.

China has said it can't buy more U.S. Treasury bills, so Obama will have to print more money, causing inflation. Instead of spreading the wealth, Obama's legacy will be sharing poverty. God help our children and grandchildren who will be saddled with all this debt.

Phyllis Roche


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