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Everyone wants to be the 46 percent

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Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012 12:00 am

Some 46 percent of Americans have found the secret that helps them avoid paying federal tax. Ladies and gentlemen, I salute you. You have achieved the goal of every corporation, and found the Holy Grail of the Republican platform. I just wonder how you feel about that.

I have seen a few of you on TV and you do not seem that thrilled about it. You seem very reserved and dignified as you explain how the rich and powerful take advantage of their positions. You describe the antics of the most un-Christian humans the world has ever seen. You should rejoice and educate us on your brilliant achievement. In return, we will continue locking up those highly educated usurpers of justice.

But other people have quite an opinion range on this issue. Most of them waddle onto the talk show circuit, huffing and puffing about cutting taxes. You have cut yours to zero, yet you are constantly scorned by the righties and churchies as parasitic to the American way. What's up with that? I mean, you have achieved their goal. Don't you think they are being just a little hypocritical? Maybe they are unfashionably jealous. Or maybe they just think you and I are stupid and beneath them.

I want to thank you for doing what is needed — starving the real parasite of funding. You have caused them to print worthless dollar bills rather than get their own fiscal house in order. I think I will join you.

Jerry Bransom


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