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Health care law may be in trouble, but will it matter?

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Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2012 12:00 am

As we await the Supreme Court's decision on the constitutionality of the Obama administration's health care law, it at least appears from the street that Justice Anthony Kennedy will be called upon to break the tie.

Now, for most of us with even a modicum of understanding of the Constitution, nowhere does it imply, suggest or demand that we purchase anything.

Income taxes are provided for differently under a specific amendment; so if the funding of this program had been clearly designated as a tax, then there really wouldn't be much of an argument, although it would still make most Americans boiling mad (or, at least, it should).

It is my opinion that rather than toss out the entire health care law, the administration will be provided the opportunity to fix that part which requires Americans to participate financially in this travesty. Of course, that would leave open the bigger and more important issue as to how it will all be paid for. I doubt President Obama will have the ability to ram that kind of tax down our collective throats. In other words, unless Justice Kennedy sides with the four justices who would rather enforce an unconstitutional law, ObamaCare will be DOA.

But here we have a president bent on transforming the United States into what he alone believes it should be. All along I've been trumpeting the warning that, if he should win a second term in November, he'll be unleashed from the tethers of another campaign to do whatever he wants. With his wink and nod to the Russians earlier this week regarding our nation's security, he clearly warned us that more ramming and shoving would be in the offing. After all, how could anyone interpret, "This is my last election ... After my election, I have more flexibility," in any other way than the obvious? After his pathetic attempt to back-peddle on his open-mic faux pas, only those adoringly beholden to this man will cast their votes for him because they actually believe he's a good and decent leader. Clearly he is not.

Jerome Kinderman


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