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Russia, unions and America

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Posted: Monday, July 13, 2009 10:00 pm

Vladimir Lenin, father of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, wrote, "The Communist must be prepared to make every sacrifice and if necessary even resort to all sorts of cunning, schemes, and stratagems to employ illegal methods, to evade and conceal the truth in order to penetrate into the trade unions, to remain in them and conduct the Communist work in them at all costs.

The struggle against the Gomperses (Samuel Compers was the then President of the American Federation of Labor) must be waged without mercy to the end, in the same manner as we have done it in Russia until all the incorrigible leaders of opportunism and of social chauvinism have been completely discredited and expelled from the trade unions." (Lenin, 1948, Mentor and New American Library.)

Later his successor, Josef Stalin, having failed to invest the A.F. of L. with Communist agents, ordered the creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (C.I.O.). At about this time, Walter Reuther, the President of the United Auto Workers in Detroit, went to Moscow's Gorki Auto Works for two-and-a-half years for indoctrination in Communist goals in the American Labor union movement. The results are still being seen today in the steady advancement of socialism over capitalism in America - strikes that raise costs and give foreign products a cut-rate price in our stores.

In case there is a doubt about Lenin's ethics: "We say our morality is entirely subordinated to the interest of the class struggle of the proletariat (the industrial working class)." That's nice, but where is the wealth to provide the industrial bases for the worker? Stalin starved peasants by the millions to pay for his Five-Year Plan, and in the end, Soviet Communism went down in flames. There are some in America who would like to give it a second try here. Too bad American children aren't exposed to the above truths in their schools. The American Education Association won't allow it.

Norman Sayles


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