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Letter: Our Founding Fathers, insurrection and socialism

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Posted: Saturday, September 28, 2013 12:00 am

Does the media form public opinion, or does the public opinion control what the media voices?

The founders of the Republic were wiser than most believe. Ben Franklin, like many, said we have a republic. How long will it stand? Jefferson wrote the document our government is based on. “Light Horse” Harry Lee, and perhaps others, ill advised Jefferson on what to write. Many in Washington, D.C., feel those documents should be changed.

I spoke to a leader and suggested that a national militia should be formed. I was told that this would be insurrection and would be suppressed.

The change that has taken place in the nation didn’t just happen. It has slowly taken place over the years. The reason it has happened is we have a nation of people who want what others have. This is what those like Hitler, Stalin and others used to gain power.

Many believe social programs or socialism is the solution. But history shows the results.

Oskar Johanson


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