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Letter: It is time to bring an end to the Benghazi silence

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Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2014 12:00 am

Just as the furor concerning the possibility of a government “cover-up” seemed to be coming to an end, a mysterious email has re-ignited the fires of public concern. Sent by a top aide to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice just following the Sept. 11, 2012, atrocity, it appears to have clearly indicated to her that the attack on Benghazi was that of a terrorist Muslim group, and not by a spontaneous mob action.

Why then, with this information in hand, would Rice go on five news channels with an other-than-factual narrative? Speculation is that with the presidential election just around the corner, and with the voters having been assured that the terrorist threat had been mostly eradicated, it appears a political and not a truthful decision was somehow necessary. Kind of a “lift the rug, sweep it under, and hope it will not be noticed” approach.

Now that the “who” and “why” have reasonably been established, it’s only fair to ask which of our leaders failed to act in a way that might have saved the lives of the four brave, murdered Americans. My choice, from information I have gleaned from the media, would be to subpoena then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

How Mr. Panetta has remained under the Congressional radar is another political mystery, but next to the president, he would have the authority to issue a “stand down” to the military. If Panetta, under oath, stated he wanted to send help, then only the president could counter his decision. Such would raise the question, just where was the president during the conflict? No one seems to know!

To really clear the decks, ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also needs to be questioned to see if she had any involvement in the fiasco, but the progressives would never allow that to happen. With 2016 coming up, she will no doubt be, at all costs, well-protected. A banner day for all “political wonks.”

For 20 or so months, we citizens have been living under what was generally thought to be a dark cloud of malfeasance. Time to end all the manipulation and bring this to a conclusion.

Richard Viall


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