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Health care response

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Posted: Monday, April 26, 2010 12:00 am

First, I have four fundamental issues with the health care reform just passed: When was health care deemed a "right"?; the cost; no tort reform; and the reform further insulates the customer from the service provider.

In your April 10 paper, George Ross mentioned the vast lobbying of the insurance companies. This is bunk; they're going to flourish under the system as proposed. Their stock jumped after the reform was signed by the president. Why?

In the same issue, Marcia Savage stated several of the reforms and the good they're going to do for all Americans. I categorically disagree with all of her points.

  • Pre-existing condition coverage; why should I have to pay for this?
  • Can't drop you if you become ill. I don't think this was ever an issue as long as you paid your premiums.
  • Companies must reveal their overhead. As a small business owner, I resent this. Why should government be able to look at and control my business model? Crazy!
  • New plans required to cover specific checkups, etc. How about you pay for it yourself? Should your car insurance cover oil changes and tune ups?
  • New measures to eliminate fraud. This works out so well in our Medicare system. Enough said.
  • Small business tax credits. But what does the 50 percent they are required to pay cost?
  • Senior doughnut hole coverage. They're going to do this while cutting Medicare funding? This I want to see.
  • Insurers required to put premium dollars towards actual service. Same as revealing the overhead. Why does any business need the government to tell them how to run their business?!
  • Justify premium increases. Competitive market without government involvement, with the consumer more involved, would fix this. We need less government control, not more.
  • Lifetime caps on amount of insurance a person can have. Again, a consumer/provider issue.
  • Temporary high-risk pool to cover persons with pre-existing conditions. Again, who is paying for this?

These benefits don't help the American public; they take away our freedom of choice and saddle our children with debt. What is next? Car insurance for everyone, cell phones, house insurance, or maybe everyone is entitled to a house? We have to stop this insanity now.

Wake up, America. We're losing our freedoms!

Fred Rhodes


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