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Illegal immigration must stop

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Posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 12:00 am

Present U.S.A. illegal immigration law states six months in prison for entering the U.S.A. illegally. There is a present law stating four years in prison for not leaving the U.S.A. when ordered to, period.

The idiots in our Congress applauded and cheered the Mexican President as he explained how unfair we are treating the poor Mexicans who just want to work and make a living. These illegal people are criminals and should go home or go to jail for four years — American Law. If you think this is strict on our part, you should see what the Mexicans do to those people on their southern boarder — absolutely brutal.

Then, this president from Mexico comes into our country and tells Congress how unfair we are. What is he doing here in the first place? Of course, our wonderful president invited him to make a speech, have a steak dinner — at our expense — and to send more illegals to be voters for the liberal, socialist administration.

Make no mistake, the Obama administration’s pay-off to liberal Hispanic voters for helping him get elected will take a devastating toll on America for years to come, despite the staggering billions per year it will cost us taxpayers for their free health care and other taxpayer-funded benefits.

We don’t need these people. We cannot afford them. We are in a financial mess and have to get this ridiculous theft that we citizens are subjected to stopped! It’s called illegal immigration.

The people of America must insist that all politicians advise us how they are going to vote on all bills. We need to know how they vote on bills like the present amnesty bill HR 4321, that if it passed, provides amnesty to all 11 to 20 million illegal aliens and their families at a time when we do not have the money to pay for them. These politicians had better realize that we do not work for them, they work for us and they can be fired.

Sam West


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