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Letter: There are more important things for President Obama to focus on

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Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 12:00 am

In the News-Sentinel on June 24, it was once again shown that this Marxist president tears down the U.S. There isn’t a week that goes by where he doesn’t cut this nation down as being unequal, racist, xenophobic — you name it and we are just not up to that great standard set by other nations of the world.

This week it’s paid maternity leave, another small business killer. Barry says, “If France can figure this out, we can ...” France? Are you kidding me! The only thing France is proficient at is surrendering, which they have down to a fine art. A Hollywood Girl Scout troop could bring France to its knees, where it’s been since 1871 when Prussia humiliated it. Barry says we’re the only developed country in the world that doesn’t have paid maternity leave. Well, Barry, we are also the only developed country without secure borders.

Instead of sticking your government nose into something you have no Constitutional power to dictate, how about doing the one thing the federal government is tasked to do — securing our borders. This you have proclaimed several times you will not do, which is a dereliction of duty. Apparently millions of illegal immigrants can’t wait to get into this cesspool that you, Mr. President, believe it is.

We have an IRS prosecuting American citizens for their political beliefs that are contrary to you, the NSA spying on us, lies of Benghazi, Russia on the move in the Ukraine, a terrorist group conquering half of Iraq led by a man the Obama administration let go in 2009, China on the move in the South China Sea, wanton killing of Christians in Africa, just to name a few, and this guy preaches to us on maternity leave? And you wonder why our enemies think he’s a joke?

You say that he wants immigration reform. What good would that do? The man doesn’t follow the laws in place now. What makes you think this lawless piece of work will follow any new laws? I know what will make it better, Mr. President, let’s play another round of golf.

Ron Portal


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