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Letter: Our leaders shouldn't point fingers at Syria

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Posted: Saturday, September 21, 2013 12:00 am

As unpalatable as it was to many blind patriots, Russian President Putin’s message in the New York Times editorial was accurate in his criticism of America’s destructive foreign policy and Obama’s polemic quest to bomb and plunder Syria.

In the first Gulf War, George H. Bush committed unspeakable carnage in Iraq, killing thousands of innocents with depleted uranium-coated bombs. Its aftermath through the years and to present has exponentially increased birth defects.

Bill Clinton followed with copycat war crimes, killing Serbians in Kosovo.

George W. Bush, in a psychopathic fervor, surpassed both predecessors in the chaotic Middle East countries.

Obama, the one-time peace candidate and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has continued America’s ongoing, bogus “War on Terror” upon non-complying Islamic nations. He now wants to plunder Syria over accusations of al-Assad gassing his people.

Even if Assad was guilty as our corporate puppet president claims, it would be tantamount to the Hillside Strangler fingering Charles Manson as a serial killer. If all four of the aforementioned presidents were charged with war crimes under the same laws as the Germans after World War II, there would be enough evidence to find them all guilty; therefore our government doesn’t have the high moral ground to accuse any nation’s leader of any crimes.

American exceptionalism (we’re the greatest) that Putin mentioned has to be eradicated from this nation’s lexicon, as the rest of the world sees this attitude as Anglo-American arrogance.

Adam Dados


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