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Letter: President doesn't deserve our support

Posted: Saturday, June 10, 2017 10:30 am

Editor: A letter writer stated several weeks ago that citizens should “be respectful and honor the presidency.”

Much like the Trump loyalists whose favorite whine is, “get over it — you lost,” the writer fails to understand that, regardless of party, Trump does not deserve our respect — he and his administration are corrupt and an embarrassment that seems to get worse every day.

Trump’s erratic behavior, his appointment of unqualified and nefarious individuals as cabinet members and advisors, and his “Revenge Tour,” in which he is systematically reversing everything President Obama accomplished in eight years, are just a small example of Trump’s immaturity and incompetence.

After Trump’s disastrous trip abroad during which he publicly berated NATO allies, kowtowed to the Saudis while conveniently forgetting their dismal human rights record, made excuses to the Israelis for divulging highly classified intelligence to the Russian foreign minister, and shoved aside a fellow head of state in order to preen like a barnyard rooster for the cameras, he declared his trip a huge success.

The rest of the world was horrified at his boorish behavior.

Trump aides warned foreign officials to curtail the length of speeches because his attention span was no longer than three minutes, and to be sure to include his name in written materials because otherwise he would not read them.

Today, Trump announced triumphantly that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate accords. Listening to his lengthy, poorly delivered speech, it was obvious that Trump had no clue what this agreement entailed.

Very few people in attendance applauded his announcement — most were his advisors who had written his speech full of fabricated statistics.

Many look forward to hearing the testimony of former FBI Director Comey whom Trump fired last month, telling his Russian “guests” that Comey was “crazy” and “a nut job,” and that firing him “relieved him of the pressure” of the Russia investigation. Obstruction of justice was the reason Nixon was forced to resign.

Right now it looks like Trump is headed down that same road.

The Trump Crime Family is trampling our constitution and does not deserve our support.

Joanne DelSolar