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News-Sentinel needs to get tough with national news coverage

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Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013 12:00 am

It continues to amaze me that a publication so strong in local news could be so weak in national news. When it comes to what’s happening in Washington, D.C., your paper is like a little girl tagging behind her big hero-brother — willing to parrot whatever he happens to say regardless of its veracity.

You seem to absolve yourself of responsibility when a news service such as the Associated Press has anything to say; you’ll print it, whether it makes sense or not.

You printed an ugly cartoon not long ago celebrating the departure of Michelle Bachman from the sordid world of politics and let the so-called “artist” get away with a thoughtless wisecrack: “Now she can’t do any more harm.”

The whole thing was highly offensive and incredibly bad taste, mostly because she has done no harm whatsoever to our country. In fact she has been quite helpful in championing the brilliance of our constitution. Her voice has been quite noble in standing up for the rule of law and asking solid questions of our foreign-exchange-student-chief-executive. She would ask questions like “Why didn’t you have the courage to send aid to prevent the murder of four Americans after they begged for help at Benghazi?” “Where did you get off having the IRS focus on investigating your enemies?” “If the IRS doesn’t report to you, who ‘is’ in charge?” and “Why did you sell loads of guns and ammunition to Mexican gangsters and then turn around and try to curtail gun ownership in the U.S.?”

Biden claims you guys didn’t know. No one believes you’re that stupid. Incompetent obviously, but not stupid.

But my biggest disappointment in your paper is when you willingly let the Democrats dictate to you the angle of the NSA scandal story. It’s not about the whistle-blower, it’s really about NSA and its outrageous actions against the American public. That is what you should be writing about regardless of the junk being sent to you by the AP and the New York Times.

Get tough with your national journalism. Tell the real story.

Don Van Noy


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