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We need real heroes

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Posted: Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:00 pm

Actor Christian Bale's recent tirade on the set of one of his movies is yet another indication of a society that is quickly losing its way.

Where do our "heroes" come from today - Hollywood, Washington, D.C. and on the athletic playing fields? Now just how pathetic is that?

It has become apparent that the majority of those in these industries are incapable of distinguishing truth from fiction (lies). Bale, however, highlights another serious deficiency ingrained in those paid to do nothing more than pretend to be someone else: He (and so many others) truly believe that they are superior and should be treated as royalty.

Like the Hollywood elite, politicians and sports stars have fallen prey to their own hype as well. Just how audacious is it when the President of the United States insists that only government can resolve the economic crisis, when it is primarily Washington's fault that we are where we are now? Obama should remember as he whines about "inheriting" this economy that he was once a member of the Senate - a distinction that he made clear qualified him for the job that he now holds.

Enter Alex Rodriguez, who while "admitting" that he used steroids lays blame on the pressure of the game and being "young and stupid." Well, he's older now but continues to deflect responsibility for his actions and hasn't quite yet come "clean" regarding the full extent of his wrong-doing. So add another to the nearly unending list of athletes with asterisks next to their records.

We need real heroes. Now that Iraq is no longer a losing battle, it (and those serving there) is no longer front-page or lead-off news. Gen. Petraeus, the architect of success in Iraq, is hardly recognized at all. Sure, history will remember him as the genius that he is, but we're at a place now where we can point to a man who has not only done well for himself but for his nation as well. But, sadly, to view him as a hero is not politically correct. Yeah, just where are we heading?

Jerome Kinderman


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