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Supreme Court not above political bias

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Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 12:00 am

Not since that day long ago, when I heard on my car radio that John F. Kennedy had just been shot, have I been so disheartened and felt so deeply such a loss for we the people. The so-called Supreme Court of the United States has rolled over and decided a clearly Constitutional issue on political bias. And to think, we the people thought the court would be above such tawdry action.

Of course Ginsburg, appointed by President Clinton, and Kegan, appointed by the political chicanery of the incompetent Nobama and his muppets, decided in favor of Obamacare. What did you expect them to do; rule against their political ideology and the source of their life-long wealth?

For once since 2007, let's speak the truth for a change. The childish poppycock dreamed up by Roberts to justify his sophomoric opinion is nothing more than vomit against his oath of office. Also he had the audacity to imply that the Court wasn't supposed to pass laws. What just happened? He in effect passed a law with his pro-Nobama ruling: "We can't decide this on the basis of 'commerce.'"

What would cause Roberts to compromise his integrity? Why would a previously honorable judge forsake his mantel of impartiality? Could the allegation be true that Nobama was finally able to get to him? We all saw Obama on TV gleefully hugging and thanking him.

If Roberts really wanted to save the Supreme Court (from what?), he would have held to the rule of law, not some hastily contrived fiction which was scathingly denounced by four of his colleagues. Roberts: You have not "saved the court," you have made it a "mockery," and made yourself a tarnished joke.

Sadly, we the people have lost again.

Don Van Noy


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