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Letter: Claims of brain-washed students would disappoint former educators

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Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 11:32 pm

“Spinning in their graves.”

I had to laugh out-loud when I read the letters from two recent writers who blame public education and colleges for brainwashing our youth and turning them into brainless zombies who spout only the ideology of the left.

The teachers of the “Greatest Generation,” a term coined by Tom Brokaw, would be spinning in their graves if they could read one of these letters. They would be highly disappointed that their student had never acquired the ability to research information and had made the decision to intentionally falsify history.

First, not riots, protests. Funny, I seem to recall Trump calling for riots if the Republicans denied him the nomination.

Second, the NEA has been existence since 1857 — an easy date to look-up, but then it is more convenient to say 1970s — the decade most right-wingers blame for everything wrong with the US.

Third, the teachers of the Greatest Generation were not “nationalists.” The U.S. was isolationist during the 1920s and ‘30s, not nationalist. The latter is a term for individuals who believe a country should be solely a white nation.

Fourth, the tyrants of Germany and Italy — Hitler and Mussolini — were not socialistic as the writer claims. They were fascists — an ideology that flatly rejects Marxism and liberalism and embraces nationalism. Without looking in a history book, most individuals know that Hitler wanted to create an Aryan nation — a pure white nation.

As one who believes in life-long learning, I have continually been in the halls of our local colleges and universities. I have never heard a single professor make any type of political statement, let alone a progressive one. Most avoid the topic, and usually politics have nothing to do with course content.

Yes, Trump is our president-elect whether we all like it or not. This is the attitude I took when G. W. Bush was selected. It was sad that Bush lived up to my expectations, and history has a way of repeating itself.

Joanne DelSolar


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