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Letter: President, Democrats caught in lies

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Posted: Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:00 am

The loss of insurance of individuals in California alone has now reached 1 million-plus. The president and his Democratic colleagues have been caught in lie after lie, and now with Obamacare, they have twisted, manipulated and lied trying to cover up the lies that came before to the point it makes your head spin.

Any rational person would come to the conclusion that these people either are the most inept people on earth or just plain liars. And yet, with all the evidence coming in that this administration has lied, they still have people believing in them. Why? Because liberalism is very compelling to those who need the village to take care of them and are unwilling to accept personal responsibility, or they just surrendered their liberties to the state in return for sustenance because of bad fortune or laziness.

Liberalism is a false religion based on fantasies of great social plans that are impossible to accomplish in the real world; for they totally ignore the difficulties involved in these vast undertakings and that individuals are complex and no centralized government can possibly know what’s best for every one of us.

In Plato’s “Republic” he tells us of a champion that will appear, the citizen’s protector and great panderer of the people that Plato warns will become obsessed with power, the consolidation of power, and the preservation of power, who eventually loses sight of the common people and sees only himself.

He finally seizes absolute power as a political tyrant, turning Plato’s utopian city into the most miserable of cities. Plato could well be describing Obama. Misery is liberalism’s by-product.

Ron Portal


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