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The government does not know what is best for Americans

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Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2011 12:00 am

When will we wake up? I hope before it is too late.

SB 568 will ban Styrofoam containers. Foam containers can be and are recycled. Dart Container of Lodi has about 100 employees. If you don't like foam, bring a Tupperware to dinner next time.

If Democrats don't like something, they outlaw it. If you don't like big American V-8s, don't buy one. Where is it stated that government knows what is best for us? Why don't they pass a law outlawing gang members?

Did we vote on carpool lanes, smoking restriction, skateboarding, riding bikes without a helmet, seat belts, cellphones, etc.? While all good and meaningful, I don't need the state to tell me to wear my seat belt. My father's car that took me home from the hospital didn't have seat belts, and my mom held me in her arms and put me in a crib with bad paint. Maybe that is what is wrong with me, I inhaled the paint on the crib.

We should go back and test all people for lead poisoning, then we can quarantine them.

Dennis Vetica


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