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Letter: Darwin’s theory has never been proven as truth

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Posted: Thursday, July 31, 2014 12:06 am

For years now I have attempted to convey to those who read my letters the fact that the scientific community has been keeping certain information from the non-scientific public. I feel it’s imperative for us to know why well-known flaws and inconsistencies exist with Darwin’s theory.

I’m positive that people like myself simply just want scientists to admit that Darwinian evolution is not, and never has been, established as a “reality” or “truth.” That is why I have taken a great deal of time to do some research over the past 30-plus years, discovering that many scientists, including modern biologists, not only doubt evolution but actually do not believe it!

Just read what I found written by honest men of science. W.R. Thompson, past director of the Common Wealth Institute of Biological Control in Ottawa, Canada, stated on this vital issue: “As we know, there is a great divergence of opinion among biologists, not only about the causes of evolution but even about the actual process. This divergence exists because the evidence is unsatisfactory and does not permit any certain conclusion. It is therefore right and proper to draw attention of the non-scientific public to the disagreements about evolution.”

Now, I consider admissions like that to be accessible to those of us who simply want to know the truth about our origin.

Phillip Johnson, a graduate of Harvard and the University of Chicago, wrote his book “Darwin on Trial,” which has been described as “the most respectable academic critique of evolution.”

Johnson stated why he researched Darwinism, and the conclusion he came to was that the theory of evolution is based not on fact but on faith — faith! He found that there simply is no vast body of empirical data supporting the theory at all.

Robert Jastrow, astronomer and past director of NASA’s Space Program, stated, “Scientists have no clear-cut answer because chemists have never succeeded in reproducing the creation of life out of non-living matter. Scientists have no proof that life was not the result of an act of creation” (“Mind in the Universe” by Robert Jastrow, 1981, p. 19).

Life could have been planned rather than happen by accident!

Tom Baker


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