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Letter: We should teach children to be respectful, obedient

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Posted: Saturday, November 2, 2013 12:00 am

In regards to Andy Lopez, the headlines are tragic. A young man’s life was ended by an officer’s bullets. That loss of a son, sibling, grandchild is too sad to even imagine!

What was the big story a few days before that? A child (at 13 they are children) of about the same age shot and killed a teacher before turning the gun on himself. That young teacher didn’t get to go home that night, and never will. It was the real thing in possession of that mixed-up student.

Look a little further back on other school tragedies, such as Littleton and the seldom mentioned Moses Lake, Wash. In Moses Lake, my grandson was a seventh grader when his principal’s wife was a fatality at the hands of a student with a gun.

Far too many kids are being weaned on TV, video games, iPods, etc., stunting their early childhood development — viewing hours of violent non-reality! Then, need I mention the deplorable real life living conditions of so many of these dear young ones?

I feel our law enforcement officers need to be commended!

Each day, as police officers head out on their beat, they will contend with a host of unpredictables, then add the potential life-threatening situations not only to us law-abiding citizens, but to themselves — always needing to be alert for the unknown while they are out trying to keep us safe!

It’s by the grace of God that so many of these officers are able to return to their homes and families at the end of the shift.

I can’t help wondering how much this young man and many others like him are being taught of obedience and respect for their parents, teachers and other adults in authority. We must remember to thank the hundreds of great, law-abiding kids here in Lodi and around the world. We usually only hear of the problems and tragic stories!

A person can’t help wondering why he would think to point a realistic-looking gun at anyone, let alone an officer. Or did he really want to die?

The Andy Lopez story probably wouldn’t have been a headline, and all the heartaches of his family, fellow students and the officer could have been avoided, had he only obeyed.

Barbara Miller


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