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Letter: We need to demand truth and transparency from our lawmakers

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Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2014 12:00 am

There was once a time when most Americans were extremely proud to be citizens of this country. A time when if you said derogatory things concerning your homeland or burned an American flag, you risked the wrath of many a World War II veteran or some other patriotic citizen.

A time when our president said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” — a nation that made us proud of our heritage and resolute in our endeavor to improve our world leadership.

We were aware there were flaws in the system, but felt they weren’t in the menacing nature of today’s challenges.

After three wars and years of interventions, we’re so divided that many are affected with the stress of the challenges. Now it seems we’ve evolved into a “free lunch for my vote” electorate. This behavior just weakens our system of democracy and leads to diminished opportunity for all.

Now it’s crucial that our elected leaders do what they were elected to do. Start by telling the truth about such things as the Affordable Care Act, a federal law that was sold as a national low-cost health program that would reduce costs and benefit all Americans. Why, then, isn’t it a plan that is truly dedicated to health instead of hundreds of pages of “lawyered up” jargon that even a majority of those in Congress admitted they hadn’t read? And, it might be added, a law that has been altered over a dozen times by “executive proclamation.” Shouldn’t it be free of the ride-along pork that would never see the light of day on its own? And is it honest, or even moral, to pass along this financial “Ponzi scheme” to our children and their children?

In the past, we had little way to discern facts from fiction. Today, with the Internet and a some competent media sources, we no longer need to rely on charisma and faith to control our thinking. Our challenge now is to pay attention to what is said to us and to filter out the spin in the party agenda. We need to fight for the “transparency” that we were promised.

Richard Viall


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