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Letter: President Obama wants to punish Russia over annexation of Crimea

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Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:00 am

Presidents most often are substandard. The current dummy in the White House has set new lows.

Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry and his foul-mouthed assistant Victoria Neuland took $5 million to the Ukraine, where they recruited skids, malcontents and right-wing crazies to violently overthrow the elected, corrupt regime.

In other words, Obama’s crooked administration didn’t like the Ukrainian corrupt government because he couldn’t control them. Obama favors governments that his vulture capitalist and other predatory banking institutes can suck the life blood from, making them slave nations and then exploiting their resources. This is what Washington, D.C. and the European leaders excel at. Obama also prefers national leaders accept that sick, depraved lifestyle he so zealously obsesses on. The worst, in his mind, are pro-Russia leaders.

Covert operations in the Ukraine were somewhat successful; however, they backfired. The Russian majority in Crimea were so appalled at the American subversive interventions, they opted to peacefully vote to join Russia. No one was killed and no Russian troops or tanks invaded the Crimea, contrary to the lies Obama and the federally controlled corporate news media so blatantly broadcast. With egg on his face, Obama now wants to punish Russia with sanctions, even if, as he says, it hurts Europe and the world economy. Only a mentally deranged person would make such a statement.

In a recent speech before a European audience, Obama presented misinformation. He condemned the peaceful secession of Crimea, but praised the U.S.-NATO-led bombings of Serbia and the illegal partition of Kosovo. With no shame on his face, he justified Bush’s violent invasion of Iraq, displacing millions and making carnage of 1.5 million people. Obama’s criminal foreign policies in eastern Europe and the Middle East have made him the most vicious, evil human being to ever enter American politics, opening the door to blow back.

There are no rational negotiations with such a twisted person. Negotiations with such a person is only capitulation. No world leader who opposes him or stays neutral is safe. Even the Pope is in danger with this sociopath in power.

Adam Dados


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