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Democrats simply don't 'get it'

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Posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 10:00 pm

There is one undeniable fact that keeps Democrats out of the White House; it has been right in front of them for as long as I care to remember.

Even Republicans, at their own peril, have tried to "teach" what seems to me now to be un-teachable Democrats this incredibly valuable lesson to no avail. And in this regard, I don't "get it."

Since FDR, how many Democrat Presidents have been asked to hang around for a second term? One - Bill Clinton. (Truman doesn't count as he was only elected President once.) Yet, the real question is how many Democrat Presidential elections were lost when the circumstances surrounding those elections should have been a cake-walk for them?

In 1968, Republican President Nixon promised to get us out of Vietnam. By the election of 1972 he had kept that promise - by moving us into Cambodia. This was a very contentious issue during that time. Additionally, Watergate had been clearly exposed prior to that election; yet the chants of "four more years" was more acceptable to the voters than "two-four-six-eight, we don't want your Watergate!"

Fast-forward to 2000 - On the heels of such a successful Clinton presidency, how could Gore have been bested by "W" who was characterized as an idiot even then? Dimpled, hanging or any other type of "chad" should have never entered our national lexicon had the election proceeded as all believed it should have. What happened?

2004 - Here we have a new war, the genesis of which was already then shrouded by suspicions of illegalities, lies and other sordid "high crimes and misdemeanors" perpetrated by the sitting President and those under his authority. Why did Kerry lose?

2008 - In spite of desperately attempting to link McCain to Bush insofar as policies are concerned, Obama is not enjoying what should easily be a presidential election campaign of historic proportions. A Republican president sitting on the lowest polling numbers in the history of statistics has resulted in a race that is becoming more and more in doubt for Obama. Why?

So, why have these things happened to Democrat contenders? The answer is simple - "Liberalism" doesn't work. Now, that is something the voters do "get."

Jerome Kinderman


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