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Obama should not have criticized Scottish gov't

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Posted: Monday, October 12, 2009 12:00 am

Aug. 21: Ali al-Megrahi, the homicidal Libyan maniac convicted of blowing up Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, who killed 189 American citizens, flight crew and many on the ground, was released to the Libyan government because al-Megrahi has terminal cancer. He was welcomed by its patriot nuts as a hero.

Barack Obama, our president, who was going to "change" our foreign policy, is no better than his predecessor. He and his once-opponent, now Secretary of State, "The Evil Pixie," have condemned the Scottish government for its decision and stupidly ordered Qaddafi to further punish al-Megrahi, claiming that the terrorist act of bombing Flight 103 was unprovoked. Unprovoked?

The truth is Reagan and Qaddafi were feuding in the '80s. Qaddafi, the religious nut who constantly criticized the Israel/Palestine quarrel, sided with the Palestinians, angering Reagan, which was none of the two morons' affair.

When Israel was criticized, the Washington, D.C. elite turned into raging, blood-lusting, howling hyenas, and soon thereafter a bomb was ignited in a Berlin night club. Reagan claimed it was Qaddafi's men; the American media and the psychotropic drug-addicted populace bought Reagan's lie. French Interpol said it was not Libya that bombed the night club, and France would not allow Reagan's bombers in its air space; however, Reagan terror-bombed Libya anyway — creating carnage. Three weeks later, France was proven correct in its intelligence.

The White House and the mainstream televised media offered no comment on the matters and in the nation's print media, one could find the story only in the obscure back pages. Now it was the psychopath, two years later in a tit-for-tat retaliation, one of Qaddafi's stooges, who blew up Flight 103. Other nations knew. The truth is they are better educated, their media prints all of the news, and unlike us, they never trust their government — just as our founding fathers tried to teach us.

This is why the world is provoked to perceive us as ethnically-biased, arrogant and profoundly stupid.

Adam Dados


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