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President should not pick and choose which laws he likes

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Posted: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 12:00 am

Everyone can see that full implementation of “Obamacare” is a train wreck waiting to happen. Now Obama has suspended the business mandate until after the 2014 midterm election, knowing full well that this could cost him votes.

Many small businesses have already stopped hiring, have cut hours and downsized to avoid the plus-50 employee insurance requirement. Others have chosen to pay the outrageous fines. The individual mandate is still in place. And to top things off, the scandal-ridden IRS is supposed to administer this, with two of its top female crooks in charge. Heaven help us!

I would like to know how the president can enforce part of a law and suspend the rest of it. Where does he get the authority to do this? This is the same thing with immigration. Right now, border enforcement is a joke. I thought the president was elected to enforce the laws of the nation, not to pick and choose which ones he likes.

Why has Congress not stepped forward on this issue, or even the judiciary? This man has made such a mess of things. He cannot even deliver a speech without his teleprompter or typewritten notes in front of him. He promoted an anti-American government in Egypt which has now been overthrown, and that country is now in chaos.

He took 17 vacations during his first term and has now spent over $100,000 for a trek to Africa, and he has done nothing to clean house in the IRS, probably because he can’t even manage his own administration of lawbreakers and tax cheats.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any change coming. Too many people are still under this man’s spell.

Sonia Glick


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