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Let’s send Barack Obama back to Chicago

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Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012 12:00 am

Could there be something wrong with our president? Could Barack Obama have suffered a blow to the head that we haven't heard about?

I'm talking about the president's decision-making since being elected nearly four years ago. I mean that everything we wanted done — jobs, energy policy, tax reform, immigration —was somehow forgotten so that we could "share the wealth" at home and have our embassies attacked abroad — and don't forget how much we need to give away the "morning after" pills.

Anyway, by now it should be clear to everyone that we have a serious problem with our president. But what are we going to do about it? Demand that he have his head examined? Like that would help. This is a man who thinks he's just fine, claims that everything is all right and that there's nothing to fear, so move along since there is nothing to see here. Are you serious? This is our president, for God's sake, and his inept leadership should have everyone frightened half to death by now.

Amazingly, though, some of us still believe in "hope and change," but the truth is that we've all been duped by the deranged. But don't lose heart, because it doesn't have to end this way. And it doesn't matter that we made a horrible mistake. What matters is that we remove Barack Obama from the presidency so that he can't hurt any of us anymore.

C'mon, people! They don't have "morning after" pills for elections, so it's up to us to vote in November and send Barack Obama back to Chicago — he won't seem nearly as crazy there.

Stan Taves


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