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Sacramento, illegal immigrants and Arizona law

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Posted: Monday, June 14, 2010 12:00 am

They fired my rocket (again) as I watched the news, May 25, and I saw that Sacramento has joined in with city leaders scared of the illegals.

This state has gotten itself into a money mess that has been enhanced by illegals working under the table, paying no taxes and using all of our resources they can get their hands on.

I meet illegals all the time. If you ask where the free help is, they can tell you the address and days free food and all services are being given away including medical, food stamps, churches that hide and give money and aid to known illegals.

The American people don't want them here, but the politicians who scream and holler about human rights and upchuck the old racism card figure they will get more votes from the families of the illegals whom they are protecting. Politicians make the laws and now they don't want to enforce the very laws they or their previous pals put into force.

When are we going to round up the illegals and send them back? Just because they snuck over here without getting caught, they think they have to right to our pity and pocketbooks. This junk about making them pay a fine (money they earned illegally) and then go stand in a line so we can feed and give them free health care is just a bunch of political crap. Once the elections are over, they just drop the issue due to one ignorant reason or another.

Park a bus in front of every ER and welfare office. Feed them until the bus is full and drive them to the border and just say, "Adios, amigos." If you think this is too harsh, apparently you haven't had a family member denied services or a job because there is no work for people who want to pay taxes.

The cops are just asking for ID on people that have already committed another crime and are already undesirable.

Ed Parks


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