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Letter: Intolerance and bullying should never be acceptable

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Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2014 12:00 am

Mozilla Corporation’s newly appointed CEO, Brendan Eich, stepped down shortly after starting his new job because of the angry response of gay rights activists over his $1,000 donation to the Proposition 8 campaign.

Mr. Eich is a citizen of the United States of America, where we’re guaranteed (at least used to be guaranteed) the freedom of speech. He used his personal funds to support a cause he personally believed in. It had nothing to do with Mozilla Corporation. Mr. Eich is a private citizen who was just exercising his right to follow his conscience, and because he did so he was forced to resign.

The LGBT/gay rights movement whines about the bullying that gay people endure. Well, who are the bullies now? Mr. Eich was forced to resign, Craig James was fired as a football commentator from Fox Sports because he stated his support for traditional marriage when he was running for the U.S. Senate in Texas, and Chick-fil-A was under a firestorm because its owners support traditional marriage, as was Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame. The gay rights movement is engaging in the very same behavior they find so reprehensible. However, when they are on the other side of the bullying, they justify their actions as being necessary for their cause. Bullying is wrong on both sides of the issue.

America is no longer the land where individuals can express their opinions and follow their consciences. Well, they can as long they agree with the pro-gay agenda or what the progressives determine is politically correct. If an individual holds a differing view from the “left,” he or she can lose their jobs or be bullied with names like homophobic, intolerant or hateful. There’s absolutely zero tolerance for those who believe gay marriage is wrong.

Again, the very behavior the LGBT/gay marriage camp say they abhor (intolerance) is the very behavior they are engaged in. The America we now find ourselves in is degenerating into a fascist state that is being ruled with an iron fist by the progressive liberal and LGBT emperors.

Pastor Frank Nolton

New Hope Community Church

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