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We should all be crying for America

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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 12:00 am

The election is over and, as expected, very little of what I voted for came to pass. As a Christian, I'm used to going against most popular fads and trends, so I wasn't too surprised at the outcome of the election.

I can't figure out how other "Christians" could vote for a person and party who's so openly against the Bible and God. They removed God from their beliefs and only put Him back at the convention to avoid a backlash — over the objections of the delegates. They want abortions at any time, and they say that if Jesus was here today He would have changed with the time. He would be OK with same-sex marriage. If anybody wants to question that, Obama said that very thing on national TV during an interview.

I don't understand why people voted for a tax increase when Gov. Brown threatened to cut the essentials like education, public safety and services. He has a history of money mismanagement, waste and wants to spend countless billions of our tax dollars on a railroad to nowhere and a canal to take water to Southern California — which will probably destroy the Delta as we know it.

I can't figure out how anybody with children could vote for people who want to tax and spend and borrow our way out of debt. Past history has shown that it will not work. How can they look into their children's and grandchildren's eyes and say, "Look what we've done to your future"?

I can't understand how anyone who loves their country could vote for someone who puts our America down, is ashamed to wear an American flag on his lapel and espouses a socialist style of government.

There is a saying that if you didn't vote, you can't complain. Well, I voted and I'm going to be complaining. I have no reason to believe that the direction of our nation will change. It will continue to be downhill. I came out to the living room the morning after the election and my wife was watching the results on TV and crying.

I think we all should be crying for America. I guess this also means I'm not going to get my Monday News-Sentinel.

Jim Sugden


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