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We need a leader who believes in America

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Posted: Saturday, October 20, 2012 12:00 am

I recently saw the movie "2016: Obama's America," and although I was not shocked by what I saw, I am scared for our country if he should get reelected. Anyone who is thinking about voting for him should see this first.

This movie is very well done with excellent credits, and folks, it's time to put our party differences aside and vote for the person who believes in our country — not someone who is leading us to socialism. Fact after fact is put forth that shows that our president definitely has many skeletons in the closet which were not released prior to the nation trusting him with the Oval Office.

Quite disturbing is the talk of the U.S. economy. The current national debt, which has increased two-fold during Obama's presidency, and this horrendous economy, is suggested to be part of the plan to strip the nation of democracy.

How can any logical, thinking person give a hoot about Romney's taxes while not asking any questions regarding our current president's past? The man influences the entire globe, but liberal Americans want to know how much Mitt Romney paid in taxes in the past rather than learn about the man whom they have entrusted with the country. Unbelievable.

Folks, it's time to get our "old America" back and not let this "new America" happen.

Jennifer Baker


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