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Enforce current laws before making new ones


Do we need to add more gun control laws? What good will more gun control laws do if they are not enforced? I have had my dad's .45 automatic pistol in my possession for the past 40 years, and I have never killed anyone with it. I haven't even fired it. I will never fire it unless someone tries entering my house uninvited, and then it may be put to use as it was intended.

We have had gun control laws as far back as I can remember that say you can't carry a concealed weapon. All the people who have been killed so far are killed with a concealed weapon, or they wouldn't have access to it at the scene of the murder.

Why not enforce the laws we have now? You could take away every gun from every citizen in the USA and I assure you the criminal would still be able to get any type of gun he wanted. Then only the criminal would be left carrying guns, and we would be at his mercy.

I do not condone anyone owning an AK-47 or guns of that nature, as they have no legal hunting use and they should be fired at gun ranges only. We need to enforce the laws we have now with stiffer punishment.

The cellphone is another example of laws being too lax. When you drive down the street or highway, look at all the cars with drivers talking on the phone or in the process of texting. Law enforcement should use unmarked cars and set the fine at $200 for each offense and increase it by $100 each time they are caught using their phone again. We would have money to hire more officers and save a lot of innocent lives in the meantime.

Grady Morgan