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Enforce current laws before making new ones

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Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:00 am

Do we need to add more gun control laws? What good will more gun control laws do if they are not enforced? I have had my dad's .45 automatic pistol in my possession for the past 40 years, and I have never killed anyone with it. I haven't even fired it. I will never fire it unless someone tries entering my house uninvited, and then it may be put to use as it was intended.

We have had gun control laws as far back as I can remember that say you can't carry a concealed weapon. All the people who have been killed so far are killed with a concealed weapon, or they wouldn't have access to it at the scene of the murder.

Why not enforce the laws we have now? You could take away every gun from every citizen in the USA and I assure you the criminal would still be able to get any type of gun he wanted. Then only the criminal would be left carrying guns, and we would be at his mercy.

I do not condone anyone owning an AK-47 or guns of that nature, as they have no legal hunting use and they should be fired at gun ranges only. We need to enforce the laws we have now with stiffer punishment.

The cellphone is another example of laws being too lax. When you drive down the street or highway, look at all the cars with drivers talking on the phone or in the process of texting. Law enforcement should use unmarked cars and set the fine at $200 for each offense and increase it by $100 each time they are caught using their phone again. We would have money to hire more officers and save a lot of innocent lives in the meantime.

Grady Morgan


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  • Andrew Liebich posted at 9:27 pm on Sun, Feb 24, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999


  • Mike Adams posted at 10:23 am on Sun, Feb 24, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1572

    What a surprise! Another mushbrain conspiracy!!!

  • robert maurer posted at 9:55 am on Sat, Feb 23, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    [thumbup] Knowledge is power,it's what we can do with it....

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 8:17 am on Sat, Feb 23, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999


  • Andrew Liebich posted at 8:17 am on Sat, Feb 23, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    http://www.anoblelie.com/ [sleeping]

  • robert maurer posted at 4:10 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    Good point,Ed, even with all the goofy gun registration laws that so many fools want passed,anyone whether a criminal or law abiding citizen will still be able to access them. Indeed, regarding Tim McVay and alternative weapons. There is always the anarchist's cookbook to refer to. Slam guns are also cheap and easy to build.

  • Ed Walters posted at 3:11 pm on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    the old dog Posts: 638

    Being in the Marine Corps, I have had the opportunity of firing every small bore weapon that the Corps has, and am very good at all, including Shotgun Joe`s favorite weapon, the 12 guage shot gun, a very nasty weapon.

    Timonthy McVeigh didn`t use a gun, however he killed 168 innocent people, 19 children under the age of 16. You can still buy fertilizer, you can buy racing fuel and also rent a box truck. Murderers will murder with or without a gun. To think they will have a licence for their weapons is fool hardy. The perfect example is the shooting in Vegas yesterday.

  • Robert Jacobs posted at 10:08 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Robert Jacobs Posts: 298

    I carried a concealed gun (illegally) for many years when I lived in a place where I needed to do that. I haven't carried one for about seven years now, because I live in a community where I don't personally believe I need to carry one. I still have it in a gun safe at home though.

    I only had to pull it out one time, and resting it along side my leg was enough to thwart an attack. If I hadn't had that gun things would have been dire to say the least.

    Some might say you don't pull a gun unless you are going to use it, but that is just a myth people who don't carry a gun spew. The police and security pull their guns all the time and don't always fire them.

    But I can tell you the powers that be aren't telling me (and I will never listen to them anyway) I cannot carry a gun or have to get a permit. I choose weather I carry a gun or not, not some idiot who decided to create a law saying I cannot!

    What I do is not anyone's business! You just worry about you and yours, and I'll worry about me and mine....

  • Brian Dockter posted at 7:32 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2866

    Cases in which guns saved lives


  • Brian Dockter posted at 7:28 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2866

    More from the link below.

    B. Concealed carry laws help reduce crime

    * Nationwide: one-half million self-defense uses. Every year, as many as one-half million citizens defend themselves with a firearm away from home.9 * Concealed carry laws are dropping crime rates across the country. A comprehensive national study determined in 1996 that violent crime fell after states made it legal to carry concealed firearms. The results of the study showed:

    * States which passed concealed carry laws reduced their murder rate by 8.5%, rapes by 5%, aggravated assaults by 7% and robbery by 3%;10 and * If those states not having concealed carry laws had adopted such laws in 1992, then approximately 1,570 murders, 4,177 rapes, 60,000 aggravated assaults and over 11,000 robberies would have been avoided yearly.11

    * Vermont: one of the safest five states in the country. In Vermont, citizens can carry a firearm without getting permission... without paying a fee... or without going through any kind of government-imposed waiting period. And yet for ten years in a row, Vermont has remained one of the top-five, safest states in the union -- having three times received the "Safest State Award."

  • Brian Dockter posted at 7:26 am on Fri, Feb 22, 2013.

    Brian Dockter Posts: 2866

    Ms. Bobin wrote:

    more people are killed "defending" their homes with their firearms than kill or detain the offender.

    - I'm not surprised ms. Bobin would make such a misleading statement. Here's the facts below in the link. And a clip.


    Fact Sheet: Guns Save Lives

    Armed citizens kill more crooks than do the police. Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year (1,527 to 606).6 And readers of Newsweek learned that "only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The 'error rate' for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high."7

    * Handguns are the weapon of choice for self-defense. Citizens use handguns to protect themselves over 1.9 million times a year.8 Many of these self-defense handguns could be labeled as "Saturday Night Specials."

  • robert maurer posted at 12:39 pm on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    Kevin; thanks for refreshing my memory regarding the years of exhaust noise limits. These noise limits were part of Joan Claybrook's scheme to outlaw motorcycles on the street altogether, according to some motorcycle magazines of the 70s. I don't know of any police departments who actually use a decible meter when ticketing a motorist. It is a judgement call by by the cop who issues the citation and the cop who signs off on the ticket. I had a cop give me a ticket in my 69 camaro for too loud an exhaust and when I spent $400 bucks at Midas to rectify the problem,the same officer said it wasn't original and refused to sign off,and he did not use a decible meter to check. I had another cop sign off 10 minutes later after showing proof of repair and a noise check, once again, using only his own judgement. In Germany ,they have been working on a 77 decible limit and have actually quieted a Harley to that limit. "Coming soon to a dealer near you." I also prefer a louder than stock pipe for several reasons, as long as they don't make my ears ring to the point of giving me a headache, regardless of decible level. Once again, delete these draconian/archaic laws which are irrelevant, enforce the remaining laws that apply to every citizen, and pass laws that society wants, not our bumbling beaurocrats,

  • Kevin Paglia posted at 11:13 am on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    Kevin Paglia Posts: 2111

    Robert, with the enactment of SB 435, modification of our pipes has just gotter harder. Here is the breakdown (in case anyone was curious)

    A noise limit of 92 decibels applies to any motorcycle manufactured before 1970.

    A noise limit of 88 decibels applies to motorcycles manufactured after 1969 and before 1973;
    86 decibels applies to motorcycles manufactured after 1972 and before 1975;
    83 decibels applies to motorcycles manufactured after 1974 and before 1986;
    80 decibels applies to motorcycles manufactured after 1985.

    Motorcycles registered in the state that are manufactured on or after 2013 or have an aftermarket exhaust system manufactured on or after 2013 must have the federal EPA noise emission label affixed to it in order to be operated, used, or parked in the state.

    80 decibels sounds like this Food blender (88 dB); milling machine (85 dB); garbage disposal (80 dB)

    May sound loud to most, but now consider that inside a car people have conversations going, music going and a host of other distractions. Yesterday on the way to get my kid from school there was a lady in front of me at a light screaming (I am assuming since it looked like a ver animated, emotional conversation) with her lab runing from her lap to the passanger window. The distractions continued as she turned and skipped off the curb. Give me my slightly louder than stock pipes to save me from people like THAT.

  • robert maurer posted at 11:12 am on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    Thanks,Andrew; I observed and listened to Ken James and it sounded like political posturing to me. I wish he would have articulated his suggestions regarding gun regulations. I want to see what is actually written in the proposed bills before I either (A) cheer and have a beer or (B) scowl,curse, and...

  • robert maurer posted at 10:14 am on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    I said "especially IF those articles are true and/or verifiable". I never said they weren't. Please reread. " On our site?" On subject :I believe that our government should go through the law books and delete the archaic laws such as spitting on the sidewalk: did you know that we can be cited for that 1910 era law if a cop sees you do it? There is also a federal law which prohibits any modification or replacement of louder than stock motorcycle exhaust systems on motorcycles manufactured after 1978? There are countless laws like these 2 examples,which are seldom enforced. We already have too many laws on the books that are a waste. Look at the police log with all the complaints, since big brother won't let us deal with our issues ourselves,we have to have new laws forced upon us that relate to all of us instead of the few concerned.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 9:06 am on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    I provided you a video of police chief Ken James's press conference and you refer to it as "someone reading an article"

    Welcome to the strange world of Mike Adams where fact is fiction and an ad hominem constitutes a rebuttal.

  • Mike Adams posted at 6:30 am on Thu, Feb 21, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1572

    Mr. Maurer: Welcome to the strange world of andrew liebich where something thrown up on "infowars" becomes the absolute truth for him and the many conspiracy nuts like him. If someone posts a video of someone reading the article on you tube, it becomes unchallengable.

    You should listen to Alex Jones or whatever his name is sometimes. It will scare the crap out of you. Not because it's true, buit because so many brain dead zombies believe it.

    If you challenge andy, he calls you a moron or an idiot, or says your brain is mush, says you're brain dead, you get the picture. He says this with impunity because he must have dirt on the LNS and they are afraid to cut him off.

    Simon will probably delete this, 'cuz that's what simon does.

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 11:45 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    What does Alex have to do with statements made by police chief Ken James?

    "Terrorist threats" ROFLMAO [lol] Can we get you to do an Obamanoid segment on air Ms. Bobin?

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 11:34 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Which "article" on our site isn't "true and/or verifiable" Mr. Mauer?

  • robert maurer posted at 4:24 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    I also watch pawn stars on occasion and asked myself the same question many times regarding their firing off old guns. Since I haven't seen one blow up in their faces, I assume that their gun expert(or themselves) carefully inspect, clean, and oil all moving parts, which is an essential part of firearm safety.

  • robert maurer posted at 3:56 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    In regards to Joanne's last question to me; yes the sawed off shotgun was registered and was one half inch longer than the minimum legal length. It was an old Stevens double barrel shotgun with a pistol grip. Mike;Thanks for the short lesson regarding gun registration. My current gun holds 10 rounds,is semi-automatic and was registered at the LPD in 1990. I assume that LPD sent my completed registration form to the DOJ.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 3:41 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Excellent information, Mr. Adams. Thank you for your detailed contribution and clarification.

    Since "mr. maurer" says he registered his inherited gun with LPD, and your post says local PD's don't do this, curious what he is referring to.

    Since my husband is a big fan of "Pawn Stars," and they seem to often acquire older weapons that have "sketchy histories" and haven't been fired in decades, I'm always curious about the "chances" they seem to take, although usually they fire these weapons under the guidance of an arms expert. I'm sure they wouldn't take the chance of one of these weapons blowing up in their hands - on tape, no less!

  • Mike Adams posted at 3:02 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1572

    Joanne: Many people have guns that have been inherited from dead relatives. Technically (and you can check the codes for this), in CA, you can inherit a firearm from either an ancestor or descendants (your father or grandfather, or your son or grand daughter) without going through a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL). You have to fill out a registration form and send it to the CA DOJ. I would suppose if you are a documented nut, the DOJ would somehow interceed, but I'm not sure. This provision only applies to direct lineage. You can't use this process to give a gun to your brother or your aunt can't give you one. For this you need to take the firearm to a FFL holder, they have to hold on to it for 10 days and do all the necessary paperwork and have the background check completed. Any firearms aquirred prior to a certain date (and I don't know what date this is, but probably after 1968) I'm not sure have to be "registered". So you could end up wilth a lot of guns with no record of ownership and these would be off the books. A direct lineage could recieve or give away a firearm under these provisions without reporting it until 1990 (I think that is the date). This doesn't mean you couldn't report them stolen. By the way, you can get a list of what guns you have registered to you from the CA DOJ.

    Because almost everyone who this applies to are honest law abiding citizens, there is rarely an issue. On the plus side, anyone who would have an "unregistered firearm" with the (even just kidding) idea of a fire fight would probably be using old bolt, lever, and pump action rifles. Handguns with high capacity mags would almost certainly not have been sold prior to the late 1980's with exceptions being handguns like the Browning High Power, early Glocks, maybe some Smith and Wesson 59's.

    Also, police departments don't do gun registration. They would be glad to take a gun if you wanted to give it to them. There is some question as to weather police gun buy backs are legal (pending court decisions) since only FFL's can transfer a firearm legally. You can bet the finer firearms turned in never make it to the cutting torch but end up in some cop's collection

    I have seen more than one gun discharge from inherrited guns by people who had no idea how to load or operate them. I avoid being in this situation if it should come up.

    Firearms, by themselves, are intrinsicly safe. Even loaded firearms are intrinsicly safe. Guns do not go off by themselves. There are many civil war muzzle loaders with charges in them that haven't gone off by themselves even after over 100 years of being loaded. A situation like the letter writer has described is accidental death waiting to happen. I would urge him to store his firearm (I would recommend he not even try and unload it) until he learns how to operate it safely. There are many gun ranges in the area with people who would be more than happy to show him how to store and use it at no cost. He then could have a gun he can use for defense or an heirloom. Until then, it should be locked up.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 2:53 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    Interesting....you sold an illegal weapon to a Deputy Sheriff...or this was a gun buy-back?

  • robert maurer posted at 2:33 pm on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    What I meant by scary,was the website Andrew referred to regarding subject matter,especially if those articles are true and/or verifiable.I also agree with Ms. Bobin regarding proper gun registration for the reasons she stated below. I once owned a military style rifle(m1) with two 30 shot clips and came home to find my house burglarized and my rifle and other items missing. My heart sank as I immediately thought of the mayhem that gun would cause in the wrong hands. I felt even worse because I didn't take the time to record the serial # or register the gun with the proper authorities and I had to explain this to the responding officer. I was totally negligent and irresponsible due to laziness and not sneakiness. That is the disadvantage of keeping a weapon easily accessible,where I could destroy an intruder in a heartbeat, compared to having it locked away where it would not do me any good should I need it for self defense. I have used a gun twice for home protection; no shots fired(see my last comment) to deter a criminal from making me one of their victims. When I leave the house now, depending where I am going, the gun either goes with me, or it gets locked in a safe place. My other weapon(12 ga.sawed off )was overkill and I sold it to a Sac. County sheriff.

  • Joanne Bobin posted at 11:51 am on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Joanne Bobin Posts: 4488

    ALEX JONES? Really? Talk about one of the biggest nutcases ever. That man is dangerous and I'm surprised he hasn't been arrested yet for making terrorist threats.

    Actually, what the police chief stated was completely correct, and certainly not "scary."

    Police in the United Kingdom do not carry weapons and, routinely, they employ special armed response units when gun power is needed.

    As for Grady Morgan's letter, it is people such as Mr. Morgan who inherit guns from another family member that give gun ownership a bad name as outlined by Mr. Adams' comments below.

    I overheard a coworker bragging the other day that his brother had inherited 10 guns from his father and none were registered - he didn't plan on registering them either - and this coworker bragged that his brother would get into a "fire fight" with anyone who attempted to take his guns from him. What would happen if his guns were stolen by a criminal and used later in a robbery or murder? First, he couldn't report the theft because he owned them illegally. Second, if they were recovered during the crime(s), they couldn't be traced.

    This is exactly why we need the proposed gun laws.

    While I commend you for your responsible gun ownership, "mr. maurer," more people are killed "defending" their homes with their firearms than kill or detain the offender.

  • robert maurer posted at 9:17 am on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    Pretty scary website, Andrew. I wonder how often a gun is used for home or property defense even though no shots were fired that go unreported. when I think of home defense, I think of that old lady in the wheelchair in Sacramento who ended the career of a home invader with her deceased husband's service handgun. She received well deserved accolades from the Sac.PD. I guess she had all the training she needed.[beam]

  • Andrew Liebich posted at 8:16 am on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Andrew Liebich Posts: 2999

    Earlier this month, California police chief Ken James actually said that guns are not used for self-defense.


  • robert maurer posted at 7:54 am on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    mason day Posts: 489

    Remember Richard Chaney's hunting accident when the only game he bagged was a fellow hunter? Absolutely excellent advice,Mike. I've had my Dad's handgun since 1988 and have shot that gun since 1967. It is registered with LPD. A complete background check as well as a completed gun safety course should be mandatory before gun ownership,in my opinion.

  • Mike Adams posted at 6:28 am on Wed, Feb 20, 2013.

    Mike Adams Posts: 1572

    Mr. Morgan: Focus, focus.

    If I read your letter correctly, you are protecting yourself and your familyl with a gun you've never even shot. Do yourself a favor and go to a gun range and practice before you kill yourself, members of your family or your neighbors trying to learn how to load and shoot it when someone is breaking into your house in the middle of the night.

    You should read up on fish and game regs before you right a letter. There are no laws barring the use of any AK or AR platforms for hunting. You're mixing opinion with fact and not doing either very well.


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