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Letter: Environmentalists are not helping our national forests

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Posted: Saturday, August 31, 2013 12:00 am

It’s been some years since I read a report on national forests and the danger of mega-fires due to neglecting forest undergrowth. Seems our environmental nuts feel that clearing out this undergrowth wouldn’t be “natural,” especially if the evil species of mankind had anything to do with it.

In this article it had quotes from the early settlers of this country that described the forests as park-like — even manicured. Why? Because the Indians used this undergrowth for building and heating their lodges, cooking their food, etc. The early settlers continued this practice. The article said that if the environmentalists succeeded in keeping man out of wilderness areas, as they have, there would be fires the size of whole states. And with that kind of fuel from the undergrowth, there would be nothing our brave firefighters could do to stop it.

Like the majority of liberal ideologies, the extreme environmentalists who push junk science — like global warming — on us always end up harming or killing the very things they say they’re trying to save. But they mean well, they say. Tell that to the people in the Sierras whose lives and homes are threatened by “enviro-crazies’” regulations.

These “experts” tell us that the greatest enemy of the earth is humankind. For once, I agree; they’re called environmentalists.

Ron Portal


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