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Indeed, the column was inflammatory

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Posted: Monday, May 21, 2012 12:00 am

This letter is a response to a letter written by Thomas Heuer titled, "Darrell Baumbach uses his letters to promote his political viewpoint, too," May 15.

Unfortunately, Mr. Heuer does not have an ability to see inside my heart. I was dismayed and disappointed in Cynthia Neely and the Lodi News-Sentinel for publishing an inflammatory letter. We need unity, not divisiveness.

Let us examine what Mr. Heuer says is "not" inflammatory.

Sharia law (god's law) dictates behaviors their followers must live by. The United Nations estimates that there are thousands of women killed annually under Sharia honor killings. There are female genital mutilations, young girl's arranged marriages, polygamy, and rules where women are excluded from inheritance, becoming dependent on men (Bin Laden had four wives under Sharia Law).

Under Sharia Law and the Koran, a wife is more a slave to a husband. The wife must submit to the husband's will, and can be severely punished if she simply does not cover her face. Women in Saudi Arabia are not even allowed to drive cars. They are treated as objects for men to use at their discretion.

If Mr. Heuer and Ms. Neely actually understood the pain, suffering and torture that is legally permitted under Sharia law, they might consider it inflammatory to compare and then equate it to anything conservatives are in favor of. Clearly, Ms. Neely could have easily made her point without using the image of Sharia law in her article. Inflammatory? Obviously, no doubt.

Darrell Baumbach


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