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Business ower was protecting his property

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Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 12:00 am

I noticed only one letter to the editor about the business owner in town who was arrested because he tried to defend his business from a young alleged criminal. I would like to step up and defend the business owner who decided he'd had enough. After being robbed at gunpoint in his store the previous week, he had decided to arm himself so he could protect his property.

When a young punk tried to run off with stolen beer, etc., the business owner shot him. You call that a felony. I call it self-defense; and don't moan and defend the alleged criminal. And don't create a bleeding heart scenario for the alleged criminal. If you want to complain, complain to the alleged criminal's parents. Complain to them and have them pay the hospital bills for the young alleged criminal, not the taxpayer. You know, the one who seems to always pay and who is never really represented. Criminals probably won't figure that particular store is a safe bet anymore; but what about the store owner and his family?

So-called government leaders would be wise to reflect on the situation that created the San Francisco vigilantes of yesteryear. You remember, the police weren't able to protect the citizens in the city so the people took matters into their own hands. They saw to it that thieves were considered thieves, and they served up justice. A few of the crooks met capital punishment at the hands of the vigilantes, and "what d'ya know?" most of the crooks left town.

One other observation: Where are Jesse Jackson, "Nobama" and all the others who cry race and discrimination on any pretense? Why aren't those exploiters of minority communities on hand to get the usual press and glory from this very sad incident?

America has some very questionable heroes these days.

Don Van Noy


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