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Do not let the government take away our private property

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Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2013 12:00 am

I am sure most of you who pay attention to what is happening to us in our country know that for the past several years the U.N. and our own president have been on a drive to establish global government.

This is designed to destroy our national independence.

It started in 1992, a plan called Agenda 21, and its policy of sustainable development. It is a blueprint to bring about global government — all hidden behind excuses of environmental protection. Most have heard of this plan through different names such cap-and-trade, smart growth, global warming, social justice and public/private partnerships, just to name a few.

Their programs are completely involved with many of our city governments where it is called sustainable development. Unknown to the city government, this is administered by the U.N. behind the scenes with our president onboard.

These people do not believe that any of us should own our own property. They believe America has acquired our wealth on the backs of the poor and now they are working hard to redistribute our wealth to who knows who. All their programs seem to come out of the White House: cap-and-trade, global warming, population control (we have too many kids), gun control, open borders, illegal immigration, higher taxes, higher gas prices, refusal to drill our own oil, restructuring the education of our own kids, food control, farming "reform" and, last but not least, controlling all private property. They want our property to be owned by the government, but we just pay the taxes, upkeep, etc.; but we will not own it. Sounds like Communist Russia to me.

I sincerely hope it is not too late!

Sam West


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