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Letter: Look at pensions of elected officials

Posted: Thursday, June 8, 2017 3:30 pm

Editor: I read the column by Dan Waters about pensions and the other about Social Security in the Lodi paper on May 30.

My opinion is why don't you talk about the pensions that Governor Brown is getting first for governor, second for being the former mayor of Oakland and now again for governor. Three pensions.

What about some of the senators and congressmen that are drawing pensions for only working four years while the state workers and teachers work until they are 65 or older?

Brown has done nothing good for California. He calls us idiots if we don't like the gas taxes. What did he do with the taxes we were paying that were for the highways? And now he is raising car registration fees and cigarette taxes $2 a pack.

I wrote to Rep. Jerry McNerney and never got any answer asking him why he doesn't help the citizens of California.

We need to look at the pensions these congressmen and senators are making.

Katherine Bittner