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Checks and balances do not include the grand jury

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Posted: Monday, December 6, 2010 12:00 am

What power lies in a grand jury! A grand jury is a fourth branch of government that owes no accountability to any prosecuting attorney or to any branch of government, not even the courts. This power is upheld by Chief Justice Antonin Scalia, who ruled that a grand jury "is a constitutional fixture in its own right." S. v. Williams, 504 U.S. 36 at 48 (1992).

Near April 1, 50 grand juries hastily assembled, representing sovereign American people. A declaration of the people, as represented by the juries, was served to all 50 governors, and I believe it was submitted to the World Court at the Hague. The declaration granted about a week for the governors to take an oath to represent the people, or step down to be replaced. In the alternative, the governors would be arrested.

April 1 came and went. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not take the oath, and his body was not arrested, either. Arrested was the bond of the people, which secures the business that passes through the office of the governor representing the state of California. The de facto California corporation is now free to play "Monopoly" with unsecured debt instruments all it wants, and the sovereign people do not have any interest or legal standing to interfere.

Until about Sept. 27, the Federal Reserve derived its authority to print money from the faith and credit of the American people. Those green Federal Reserve Notes that U.S. citizens faithfully exchanged in commerce are actually a debt obligation of the U.S. Treasury, previously secured by the people. The collateral of the people was vitally necessary to the security of the U.S. dollar in world trade. Now, the U.S. Treasury and CEO Obama can't get a loan.

Without using any names, I'll say that some thieves who stole quadrillions of U.S. dollars of wealth are learning that their stockpiles are worthless paper "Monopoly" money secured by nothing. Whoops!

People who would like to learn about this lawful constitutional government movement are encouraged to see

Daniel Hutchins


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