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Americans need to wake up: Social engineering is cause of tragedies

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Posted: Thursday, January 13, 2011 12:00 am

It makes me angry and sick to think what that punk did in Arizona. What may be worse, is the Democrats jumping to a conclusion that this is the Republicans' fault. I'll tell you, no one deserves what happened that day — no matter who they are. That little girl was Dallas Green's granddaughter.

When is America going to wake up? The reason this may have happened is because the Democrats have run things for more than 50 years. We said the pledge when I went to school — not today; school prayer — no way; put a bible in the library — ugh ugh; pass out condoms — OK; girls under 18 can get abortions without parent notification — OK; and teach about two mothers or two fathers — heck yeah. Their social engineering has come home to roost for them.

What is it they don't like about God? What is it they fear about Sarah Palin? Is it because she is smart, pretty and has ideas? Tell me one idea the Democrats have that actually worked, made your life better and did not cost anything?

Come to America illegally — prize; go to the hospital — prize; go grocery shopping with WIC coupons — prize. Now come to America legally, land of the free and home of the brave; that did not mean illegals get stuff for free.

When will you wake up and see that the kind of Democrat that John Kennedy was is not the kind they are today? He gave us the last tax cut from a Democrat and stood up to the Soviet Union on the brink of a nuclear war. Can you imagine Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Obama having been president then? Unfortunately Kennedy was killed and LBJ started the social engineering that raised its ugly head in Arizona.

Thank all the liberal teachers and professors who took God and discipline out of the conversation, for political gain, and to divide and conquer.

Dennis Vetica


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