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President Obama is an agitator

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Posted: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 12:00 am

This is becoming more disgraceful by the day; every day. The president of the United States has become the agitator (community organizer)-in-chief; stirring up trouble around the globe. Here at home, he is actively pitting one group against another.

Instead of uniting the country for progress, he is dividing the country for political gain. He is actively promoting racial animosity. Anybody remember Rev. Wright? He is goading the ’60s crowd to occupy whatever. He is advocating class envy, class warfare and damning capitalism at every turn. The Bible teaches love. He preaches hate. Wealth is bad, success is greed. Businesses are created to offer jobs to deadbeats, profit is evil.

Barack Obama has turned this country upside-down. He spurns the Constitution, unleashes a corrupt Department of Justice and IRS, attacks the Supreme Court and tries to “stack” it! How would you like to be a dedicated fighter pilot when Obama orders you to shoot down Israeli airplanes? This is insane.

When will we wise up and rid ourselves of this tyrant? If you are a deadbeat, vote for Obama. If you are a racist, vote for Obama. If you are an elitist or a radical feminist, vote for Obama. If you want Sharia law, vote for Obama. If you want to “occupy” something and march with ’60s hippies, vote for Obama. If your goal is personal power and aggrandizement — ala Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, Boxer — vote for Obama.

If you want to keep your freedom and integrity, vote for anybody else!

Jerry Osgood


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