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Letter: Make sure you think before you vote

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Posted: Saturday, November 1, 2014 12:00 am

Before you cast your vote for another Democrat, do some homework. Almost every state with a Republican governor is in fine shape. States with Democratic governors, and in California’s case it is fully in the control of Democrats.

This state was once considered the fifth-largest economy in the world, if we were a country of our own. Ricky Perry, governor of Texas, swooped into our state and stole three companies. Lower taxes, less regulation, no big union workforce, a workforce eager to work. Lower property taxes, lower energy costs. What would keep you in California?

Jerry Brown just watched as Rick Perry stole our companies and did nothing. We should have the Tesla battery plant, a $5 billion project, in Stockton. But no, we lost it to Nevada thanks again to Democrat Jerry Brown.

General Mills is faced with a lack of demand for their products! They have to reduce capacity! They have several plants across the United States. With California being the largest population of any state, it would make sense to have a plant here.

They are closing the Lodi plant. California has about the highest taxes in the country. We have the worst regulations for everything. Our water utilities are the highest in the land. Unions and everything else that goes with them make California less attractive for new businesses, let alone saving our old businesses.

General Mills is one of our biggest employers, I believe. I, as many, grew up on Cheerios. It will be a sad day to lose them. If I were Gov. Brown, I would cut their taxes, negotiate with the unions, cut the water and utilities and do everything in my power to keep them, and attract other new business.

California does nothing but waste money. The money wasted in our prisons is sickening. The other day, when I went to the dentist, three different women came in with the I guess you call them burkas and asked if they took MediCal. How do all these folks come here and get free medical, dental and vision, cellphones, food stamps, housing assistance? There is probably 5 percent of those who truly need help, and we should help them.

My grandfather voted Republican until the day he died. Since then, he has voted for Democrats and voted often.

Think before you vote.

Dennis Vetica


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