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Letter: It’s time to review safety for Ham Lane intersections


I travel through the intersection of Ham and Vine three times a day. Whether the statistics state it is dangerous or not, listen to the people who drive it day in and day out. I also live close-by and regularly hear the screech of tires and bangs from wrecks.

The left turn lanes from the north and south are extremely dangerous in that one cannot see the oncoming traffic in the middle lanes. We wait and wait to be able to turn safely. Frustration certainly creeps in and then mistakes are made!

At 5 p.m., the lights change from green to red very quickly, allowing only a couple of vehicles to continue straight. Those waiting to make left turns are stuck there. The oncoming traffic never lets up long enough for people to make their turns. Why are the lights along Ham Lane not synchronized so there is a little let up in the traffic? Why this is so on a main through-street is beyond me, especially at “rush hour” — yes, we do have “rush hours” in this town.

Maybe the city needs to send someone out to view the traffic patterns at this intersection instead of waiting for more statistics, and yes, possibly more loss of life.

We cannot turn the clock back and prevent that horrendous accident from occurring, but now is the time to keep this family’s deaths from being in vain, or others who have died or been seriously injured at this intersection.

Bridget Wilson