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Letter: It is now time for honest change

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Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 12:00 am

Recent “letters” to your paper concerning the Affordable Care Act appear to be a lame attempt from a few defenders of all things Progressive to hide the true aim of the Affordable Care Act behind a cloud of misinformation.

We need to face reality in that the “act” is actually a statute that was designed to enact many laws that would surely fail should they be offered without the weight of the “health” issue. It is, in fact, a law that would ensure the true desired result of a more controlling government. When former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, while in command of the House of Representatives, told the nation, “We need to pass it into law and then see what’s in it,” she must have thought we were all as dumb as dirt. For once, she might have been on to something.

The “affordable” clothing of this legislation, as a panacea for health issues, is so disingenuous it is even disturbing many of the party faithful. It’s time for the public to wake up and realize that today’s politics — from both aisles — rule all decisions, and that the defeat of that hated other party is paramount.

You may feel the number of “executive action” decisions recently written into law by the president (thought that was Congress’ bailiwick) seems high, but just wait until the November elections, should the liberals remain in control of the Senate. Then with a “lame duck” president and a Senate in the president’s pocket, you can kiss too many of those freedoms we now take for granted good-bye.

Now is the time for an honest change! We simply cannot afford to continue down this “beltway” of lies, misrepresentations and fiscal irresponsible leadership.

Richard Viall


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