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Wade Heath Is 2012 a year to embrace fresh political leadership?

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Wade Heath

Posted: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 12:00 am

Oh, my (yawns). I feel like I've been asleep for the last year. I certainly hope you enjoyed my kumbaya-ish hiatus. It was nice to switch things up and focus on nothing but the positive during an otherwise bleak 2011. But friends, it's 2012, and there isn't anything more important to me this year than the presidential election and the future of this country.

Before we proceed on this year, let's take care of a few housekeeping items, shall we?

First off, because it has been a while, there are some things you should know about me.

Well, I'm a young adult who has been fed up with the ways of government, all government, from local to state to federal, for over a decade.

I am an American who feels we haven't lived up to our own standards in some time. I am conservative in nature, not a Republican. The Republican and Democratic parties are both jokes and have both done their own share of damage to our economy, personal freedom, culture and foreign policy.

Close-minded I am not. However, personal insults will end even the best argument for me.

I am not an Obama-hater. Just the opposite: I think Barack Obama the man is a pretty cool guy. I think President Obama, the leader of the free world, is someone who leaves much to be desired.

I don't trust him because of those self-admitted communists and socialists that he has chosen to surround himself with. I don't have faith in him because he has yet to deliver on campaign promises and has spent more time dividing "we the people" than uniting us like he swore he would. We are a far more polarized country than when President-Elect Obama first took office.

Did I love George W. Bush? Let's just say that by the final months of his tenure as president, I couldn't wait for him to exit. His administration's constant secrecy and attempted justification of so many errors, corrupt decisions and bad calls had me celebrating his departure.

In 2008, I knew nothing about Sen. Obama and everything about the very liberal Sen. John McCain. With McCain, I felt like I knew I'd be getting progressive leadership.

I still don't know that much about Obama. He never seemed to be vetted by the media like we are used to seeing with every other political candidate. Instead, he was praised and celebrated as some sort of savior, some sort of moderate who would make the American Dream a real, attainable thing again. Everyone was made to believe that, with Obama, there would be "hope and change." We've seen some pretty radical change. Not so much in the hope department.

Almost everything he has done has failed. He is eerily silent on issues of freedom and liberty. I could go on, but for the sake of space, I won't.

Has there been a double standard when it comes to President Obama versus President Bush and the media? You bet there has been.

Do I care? No, because the truth will always prevail even with the media in your back pocket.

There was tremendous evidence of the silent majority running from Obama-style change during the 2010 elections when hordes of GOP and Tea Party candidates were elected to office nationwide.

Have they done a good job since being elected? Some have tried, but not a whole lot has gotten any better. Remember, just because they are Republican doesn't mean I support them. That title is a hollow one and stands for "just not quite as progressive as the Democrats," in most cases.

I think most Americans are just like me. We just want someone who can do the job, be honest, keep us safe and abide by the constitution, staying out of the way of our freedom and rights. We don't care what color your skin is; we just want a normal person without a secret agenda or insane policies.

We are a nation in peril. We're a place that was once a superpower that has fallen from exceptionalism. We are the last stand on earth for freedom, for justice and for independence. I said it on the Fourth of July — we can be exceptional again if we choose to be.

It starts with us electing the right person. This year, it's not GOP versus Democrat; it's those who cherish what America can be again versus those who are fine with its death. We cannot mess this one up.

There's plenty of work to do this year, and it starts with that list of embarrassing GOP presidential contenders — see my next column.

Columnist Wade Heath is a contributing editor to Contact him at

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