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I put my full faith in President Obama, but now I am part of the new revolution

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Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 10:00 pm

Failure. Something I don't wish on our president, or our country.

I can't even imagine how incredibly difficult a day in Barack Obama's shoes must be. The decisions he has to make, some split-second, undoubtedly test his moral fiber and his faith in humanity. Being the leader of the free world is certainly no easy task.

I had hope. I did. The big day in January when the country sat glued to their TV sets to watch inauguration history was the same day I was crossing my fingers, praying that this was the rebound game, that we were headed to a country of greatness again.

When Obama was elected last November I used an analogy that boiled down to the idea of America depending on him to change our direction and not hurt us as we had been in years past, or face the rage of the people who couldn't take any more.

It wasn't a threat; it was a promise of reaction. We the people chose to instill our trust and faith in him.

He has since, alongside Congress, spent trillions in money that didn't exist.

I'm not wet behind the ears with the idea of government. I get it. It's a game that has been going on for decades beyond decades, and the bulk of politicians have always been rats, out for their own agenda. Nothing new.

But America has never been this far into left field before. And yes, the pun was intended. Liberalism has saturated the political landscape and even drowned the Republican Party. Spending $400 million for endangered deer or $3 billion for green energy with no checks, balances or assurance any of that will be spent on said bill proposals is something I cannot understand or accept in a time where there is no money - period.

Raising the debt limit every time we tap out our mortgaged cash isn't just irresponsible; it's destroying the future, prolonging the inevitable.

Congresspeople from both parties who are deaf to our cries and a sitting president who had the potential to be great and turn this mess around but did just the opposite have added to the frustration building within Americans across this land.

Millions of Americans who love the United States and are committed to the future of this great nation have risen over the past year. Not because they hate the president or are racist or hate the Democratic majority. This has nothing to do with party politics; it's that trivial garbage and maniac rhetoric that has also helped add another step to this country's end.

Thomas Jefferson once said, "Every generation needs a new revolution."

This past Saturday across America, millions of citizens, worried about the future, took to city streets and state landmarks to protest outrageous spending, unbelievable corruption and ignorant elected officials who no longer represent the little guy.

The UK Daily Mail estimated the crowd that marched on Washington, D.C., was up to two million.

Two million Americans at the doorstep of Congress and the president.

A new revolution, Mr. Jefferson? It's on.

Corruption at the top. Americans are sick to death of this culture of corruption that has become commonplace in politics. That's why they were there - in mass.

That's why this past Saturday, Americans from all walks of life gathered together as they did on that emotional day eight years ago. These Americans pleaded for the country they know exists beyond the politics and beyond the heated rhetoric to emerge once again.

How we felt on September 12, 2001, after the attacks that changed our lives, we believed in the American spirit. We appreciated our neighbors and hugged our family members a little tighter than before.

We stood together in town squares, churches, school cafeterias and auditoriums. We knew that the real America - the one that is colorblind to skin, loves children, helps a friend in need, obeys the law and works hard to live within its means and create a bright future for its family, that America - would prosper once again.

A united front where doing the right thing isn't labeled "extreme," and where believing in the core principals of the grandest, greatest and most spectacular free society that was ever established can and will prosper once again.

Don't be fooled. It's not about parties, presidents, media or politics. It's about America.

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories," Thomas Jefferson said.

Join "the people" in stopping this problem rather than continuing to accept it. We're America, we're better than this.

Let's not allow failure.

Wade Heath is a college student and writer of The WadeWire Blog at He can be reached at

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