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Is President Obama veering out of control?

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Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2013 12:00 am

Over the last few months the Obama administration has been at the center of much scrutiny. Scrutiny because this executive branch has been allegedly involved in several different scandals.

“What scandals?,” you ask.

Let me refresh your memory.

Recently the IRS was identified by the inspector general as targeting conservative groups such as the Tea Party.

Of course, the Tea Party is an organization that is deeply at odds with this government and its politics.

I seem to recall this being reported on early last year and then the story died as the mainstream media yawned. Fast forward to this year and suddenly the story is fresh again.

But President Obama reacted with: “I can assure you I certainly did not know anything about the IG (inspector general) report until it had been leaked through the press.”

The president finding out about this through the press is interesting since the IRS commissioner visited the White House 118 times last year according to the White House visitor log. He didn’t mention it once, eh?

American men and women working and serving at the American mission in Libya were attacked by a heavily armed group on Sept. 11. An American Ambassador was killed, as were several staff and guards. Reportedly, the request for security reinforcements was called for by the post prior to the day it all went down since tension in the region was mounting and it was the anniversary of 9/11.

Ask the White House why they didn’t respond or send help even as fighting, death and destruction went on for hours that day and they will tell you the following.

Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton: “We had no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in Benghazi was planned or eminent.” While President Obama shared: “I was not personally aware of any requests (for more security).”

It recently came to light that Fox News White House reporter James Rosen was being tracked by the Department of Justice since, according to them, he was in touch with a source that was leaking national security information. Tracking a reporter’s movements, personal information and whereabouts without his knowledge is very telling of this White House.

Well, that is if they knew.

You see, Attorney General Eric Holder swore he had no idea this reporter was being tracked, but did agree that the reason the DOJ was watching was for the safety of the country. White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the President also had no idea what was going on, that a free press is what this President believes in but still, there should be standards.

I mean, Jay Carney is a former journalist. Maybe reporters could learn from him.

But the spying on the press didn’t end there. Recently it was exposed by the Associated Press themselves that the Department of Justice secretly collected two months of their phone records due to what the DOJ called “sensitive intelligence leaks”.

Jay Carney was back to represent the White House as he claimed ignorance with: “We have no knowledge of any attempt of the justice department to seek phone records to the Associated Press.”

Now that we know the President wasn’t in the loop, surely the man in charge of the DOJ, Eric Holder, must have heard something. “I don’t know what happened there, with the interaction between the AP and the Justice Department; I was recused from the case. It’s been an ongoing matter in which I know nothing,” he admitted of the intrusive overreach.

Wow. And now Attorney General Holder is saying an unnamed Deputy Attorney General oversaw the spying.

But what about Fast and Furious down in Mexico? Well executive privilege was exercised there. President Obama and Attorney General Holder both admitted to not knowing that their own people were arming dangerous, deadly drug cartels with thousands of American weapons.

Nope. No one in charge had a clue.

So why have I rehashed all of this?

Because this administration is quite possibly the most media aware executive branch in White House history. They manipulated the media, and more importantly the message, in both election campaigns and continue to do so today.

And that should say something. This White House has always controlled the narrative. They’ve always controlled the message.

So if the message in every single one of these high-profile scandals is that our top executives have no idea of their existence and these things keep happening, then I beg these questions.

Who IS in charge? Who IS running the country? Who IS allowing these things to happen?

Assuming this totally transparent administration has been honest and forward with us, then should we be concerned that this president has lost control?

Columnist Wade Heath was raised in Lodi and now lives in Southern California. Contact him at

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