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Wade Heath It’s all about me: Why I am ashamed of my generation

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Wade Heath

Posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 12:00 am

I'm not buying it. Those, ahem, "protesters" down on Wall Street are holding signs of Marxist, communistic dreams, calling for guaranteed wages and complete debt forgiveness. I'm amazed at how much of a platform the media has been giving these unemployed revolutionaries. They work overtime to portray them as some sort of genuinely frustrated everyman who just wants what's best for America.

Yeah, no. That was the Tea Party, and the media spent as much time as they could demonizing them as racists or trying to ignore them completely.

Get real. Big unions have been planning these "days of rage" for the last year and dumped their own members at many of the rallies. This entire effort is being funded by someone — or somebodies — leading the sheeple to try and push an already teetering America over the edge.

Unfortunately, extra manpower has been added to their army.

Who are they?

My generation.

Narcissism has consumed my generation. It's all about us. When was the last time you were on a bus or in a public place where there were a lot of people? I'll bet the majority of people you see under the age of 25 have headphones or earbuds on or have their nose in a phone and weren't paying attention to the real experiences happening around them. Am I close?

Increasingly, God or any reference to God has been totally washed as taboo or thrown out of schools, media and culture. Yes, there are still families who practice religions and keep the faith, but searching for belief in a higher power among the latest generation is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Young people have become more Godless, more anti-religion than anything.

Entitlement is ridiculously celebrated among the youths of America, as if government handouts and services are a right. Why should anyone work when free money is sent to your door and you could just chill eight hours a day? A career would mean labor was involved, and why would you labor when you could get paid to be on vacation?

Finding a passion in life doesn't seem to matter anymore. Merely existing to satisfy one's selfish needs on the backs of others that do have a passion and work hard is the new norm.

To them, the term "checks and balances" has to do with their bank account, funded by their parents. Ask them what two of the country's most pressing issues are and they'll look at you with a blank stare. Give them back their earbuds so they can ignore you.

So what does any of this matter?

Well, to be quite honest, it scares the crud out of me to think that this is what my collective team looks like as we approach the stadium to play the big game. And by big game I mean leading the United States into the future. Soon it'll be our turn to replace the players on the field and I wonder whether or not we'll get half of our team out of the locker room because, after all, they need to update their status.

Right now they stand shoulder to shoulder with the failed hippies of the past, bitching about what they don't have. Newsflash: Your success is up to you, morons.

My generation is blessed to live in a time where we have more opportunity, more access to information, more acceptance, more respect and more chances than at any other time in history. We are fortunate beyond belief because of the brilliance of those before us and the commitment of those before them. We have a huge responsibility to not just score touchdowns, but to win the game entirely, showing the other teams that we are and will continue to be the champions. But instead, we shove the police.

With the way things are being handled currently and the mess Lady Liberty is knee-deep in, my generation needs to hit the field running with a solid game plan already in place, or else we will lose horribly. We're outnumbered and will be outplayed, as the American team that's on the field continues to excuse players to the injured list, and the coach, along with his assistants, can't stop fighting over the color of uniforms long enough to decide on the next play.

Kickoff is coming and I'm not so sure my generation is prepared for this Super Bowl, let alone to kick.

Quit your whining, look at who you're standing among and think for yourself. This "occupy" movement is not what you think it is.

It's a post-9/11, obese, anorexic, smartphoning, celeb-obsessed, blissfully unaware, disrespectful, narcissistic, politically absent, social networking, self-absorbed, live for the moment, morally inept, entitled generation.

Or as I like to call us, the "iGeneration." Maybe I should create our official T-shirt: "Rich, spoiled kids for communism!"

Columnist Wade Heath is editor of and can be reached at

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